Breaking the Cage


  • CategoryStory Arc
  • FlashbackVisit Ouroborus to Flashback to this story
  • IntroducedIssue 6
  • ContactsCrash Cage (Sharkhead Isle)
  • Level Range20 - 25

Help the Circle make a move on Cage Consortium

Crash Cage

This is a big day for me, Dread Tomax. My friends in the Circle have come to me for help. They're ready to make a move on Cage Consortium, to take it over from the outside! I've agreed to lead them to a key executive within the organization. Boy, my dad will flip! But, listen, I can't be associated too closely with this move. Everyone knows I'm disloyal, and I'm the first one dad will look to when he senses trouble. So the actual info's coming from someone my dad really trusts: Vince Dubrowski.

The truth is, Vince is loyal. Totally loyal. And he likes me. Makes a great patsy, don't you think?

Part 1: Talk to Vince Dubrowski
@ Sharkhead Isle
Vince Dubrowski

Crash told me to expect you. She said she'd uncovered evidence that someone was cheating the Consortium, and she wanted me to lead you to 'em. Well, at first I wasn't sure I believed her. But the evidence she provided was pretty convincing. Good 'ol Crash! I always knew she'd come back to the consortium eventually!

The guy's name is Leonard Sykes, our CEO. According to Crash's evidence, he's been embezzling for almost twenty years. Do what you want with him. He's dead to me now.

Part 2: Kidnap Leonard Sykes
@ Sharkhead Isle

Cage Consortium's offices are always well-guarded

Mission Complete: You have kidnapped Leonard Sykes.

Crash Cage

Ha hah! I knew VInce would fall for that trumped up embezzling info. He's so dumb, and so predictable! He'll be a good source of intel for us. now that he believes we're working in the consortium's interest, I can get him to keep feeding us scraps about all the higher ups. It won't be long before the Circle accomplishes its goal and takes over Cage Consortium for good! And when they do, they'll have the two of us to thank for it!

Deliver Sykes' location to the Circle of Thorns

Crash Cage

Thanks for kidnapping Leonard Sykes for me, Dread Tomax. I've got him all tucked away, and I just need you to deliver his location to the Circle of Thorns. Think you can handle that?

I knew Sykes when I was a kid. Nice guy. Pity he's in the way of the Circle's plans.

Part 3: Defeat all Legacy Chain
@ Sharkhead Isle

Is that a gust of wind you hear, or a mournful sigh?

Mission Complete: You have communicated Sykes' location to the Circle, despite the efforts of the Legacy Chain.

Crash Cage

You have done well, Dread Tomax, and the glorious Circle is in your debt. As for me, my mind has shifted in recent days. I see no more need for my father. I will return to the Cage Consortium, and help the Circle lead it to greatness. And you? I will have use for you, I expect. Come see me soon.

Investigate Crash's strange comments

Crash Cage

The Circle's origins stretch far back into the past, and our glorious empire will extend eternally into the future. This I know. As for you, Dread Tomax: you are intelligent, and powerful. I have no doubt that, if you are allowed to go unchecked, some day we will come into conflict. But it is my hope that, with proper guidance, you may be useful to our cause. I want you to go to a certain lair of the Circle. There, you will meet your destiny.

Get out of my sight at once! You have the Circle's work to do!

Part 4: Talk to Vince Dubrowski
@ Sharkhead Isle
Vince Dubrowski

So Crash is acting all funny? That's bad, Dread Tomax, real bad. Things have been nasty for the consortium ever since I gave up Sykes. Looks like the Circle used his information to take out a number of other ey people. They got Frankie Tomlin, and Noel Powers. Big nanes in the company. And now it looks like they've done something to Crash, too.

Fortunately, she told me what to do if something like this happened. She wants you to go to a Circle cave and bring back a crystal that can restore her. Oh, don't worry. She'll pay you well. And if she couldn't, I would. I can't see anything happen to Crash. She's way too special for that.

Part 5: Steal the crystal (Defeat Leonard Sykes)
@ Sharkhead Isle

You knew Crash's reckless attitude would get her into trouble someday. She's just lucky she's got enough dough to pay you to get her out of it.

Objective: When you touch this strange purple crytal, you feel a familiar presence touch your mind.


When you touch this dark purple crystal, you feel a strange presence brush against your mind. There's a definite familiarity to it, but you can't quite pin the reason down.

Objective: Leonard Sykes gasped, 'You've ruined everything!'

ClueLeonard's story

When you defeated Leonard Sykes, the Cage executive who became a Circle mystic, he said, 'You've ruined everything! You and that pesky child! Her animosity for her father was a useful tool to turn her to our side, but now it impedes our progress. And so we had to take steps. You may have defeated me, but Crash will serve our purpose by leading Cage COnsortium to a new era -- whether her soul is in it or not.

Mission Complete: You have retrieved the crystal that should restore Crash to her old self.

Crash Cage

The crystal? No! Nooo! Don't bring it any nearer; you'll disrupt the --

Well, that's better. Thanks, Dread Tomax. Thanks a million. I guess I got in a little over my head with the Circle. I thought they just wanted me to help them get in with Cage Consortium, but they were far more devious than I expected! They wanted me to go back to work for my dad, and I wouldn't do it. So they nearly changed me forever! They probably would have done the same to you, given the chance. I'm glad you didn't give it to them.

The good thing is, the Circle's done a lot of damage to Cage Consortium, and I can take the credit for that! Maybe this'll make my dad respect me at last!

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