Coral Bonanza


  • CategoryStory Arc
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  • IntroducedIssue 6
  • ContactsCrash Cage (Sharkhead Isle)
  • Level Range20 - 25

Notable Foes

  • Mission #3: Silver Mantis, Arch-Villain (Arachnos)

Steal the coral

Crash Cage

Hey, Dread Tomax, what's shaking? I need a hand, see? Cage Consortium has been stockpiling coral shards from all over the island, to sell to Arachnos. If it was just useless rock, I'd let them have it, but it's not. It's more than that. I'm not sure exactly why, but my friends in the Circle want it. As much as they can get. So, I'd sure appreciate it if you'd steal that coral. Could get you on the right side of some powerful people.

My dad may be ugly, but he's not stupid. If something's valuable, he's the first to try and corner the market.

Part 1: Steal the coral (4 shards to steal)
Warehouse @ Sharkhead Isle Arachnos,Circle of Thorns

If both Arachnos and the Circle really are interested in this coral, it's power must be genuine.

Objective: You found a shard of coral!

ClueCoral shards

These pale pink shards feel unusally heavy in your hand. According to Crash's contacts in the Circle of Thorns, the shards contain powerful magic. You have to admit, you feel a tingling sensation when you hold them in your hand.

Objective: You found a shard of coral!

Objective: You found a shard of coral!

Objective: You found a shard of coral!

Mission Complete: You stole all the coral shards.

Crash Cage

Thanks, bud. These shards will go a long way toward convincing my friends I'm ready to become a full member of the Circle. I gotta admit, I'm pretty curious about why this coral's so special. none of my friends want to give up their big secrets yet. you curious, Dread Tomax? I wonder if there's some way we can find out.

Find out about the coral

Crash Cage

I've delivered the coral shards you stole to my friends, Dread Tomax. But I just can't stop wondering what's so special about them! I want you to find out what the deal is with this coral. It's risky; my friends in the Circle won't like it if they find out I'm investigating behind their backs. But what can I say: I was raised to live dangerously.

There's someone in Port Oakes who knows a little bit about everything. Mr. Bocor. Think you could look him up for me?

I heard Mr. Bocor is a voodoo master, and he's made plenty of enemies in his field. Well, I've been studying up on the subject, and I think the contents of this envelope might convince him to speak his mind about the coral. If he doesn't want them published, that is.


This envelope is sealed, but that's never bothered you before. inside is a piece of white stationary bearing a single name; Arcus Whitelocke.

Part 2: Talk with Mr. Bocor
Delivery @ Port Oakes
Mr. Bocor

Dread Tomax. Yes. I've been following your career closely. Working with young Miss Cage now, are we? I warn you, that young lady is playign with forces far beyond her control. Sooner or later, she is going to find out just how deeply she's into the dark.

Now, what has she sent in this envelope? Ah, of course. How droll. The child has uncovered what she thinks is my true name, and now believes she can blackmail me into telling you what I know.

Well, maybe I'll tell you, but not because of her. get me a shard, Dread Tomax. Then we'll talk.

Crash Cage

So Bocor wants one of the coral shards before he'll tell you what he knows? Rats! I already gave them all to the Circle! I don't think they'll let me have one back; we'll just have to figure out another way to get our hands on one.

Expel Arachnos from the Circle base

Crash Cage

Dread Tomax, I've got big, big, big, big problems. Remember when I delivered those coral shards you stole to the Circle? Well, um, it looks like Arachnos followed me. Now they're attacking my friends in the Circl, and if things go badly... well, I think you can guess who'll take the blame. No, not me, Dread Tomax. me and you. Together. I think you've got to expel Arachnos from that Circle base. It's the only way to make things right.

I think Arachnos may have sent someone pretty big in. You should probably gather a team.

Actually, this comes at a pretty good time for us. Bocor won't cough up the info unless we get him a shard, right? And the Circle has the shards. Get in there, beat out Arachnos, and see if you can find out where the shards are stashed. We can get what we want and blame the theft on Arachnos. As long as you get rid of the invaders and leave most of the shards for the Circle, I think they'll be content.

Part 3: Defeat all Arachnos in base (Find a coral shard)
Oranbega @ Sharkhead Isle

The sound of machine guns echoes off these cavernous walls.

Objective: You have taken one of the coral shards. Hopefully the Circle won't even notice its absence.

ClueCoral shard

You stole this shard from the Circle of Thorns and let Arachnos take the blame. If you present it to Mr. Bocor, he may have more information for you.

Silver Mantis [Arch-Villain]
Tamura Shirai is fascinated with the smooth, sleek feel of metal. Funding the augmentation of her body to pure metal was an expensive proposition, however, so she turned to crime. During one of her robberies she encountered Black Scorpian, on a job for Lord Recluse. Tamara realized an opportunity when she saw it, and rather then fighting with Arachnos over the ill-goten loot, formed an alliance that has lasted to this day.

Mission Complete: You have driven off the Arachnos invaders and won the grudging approval of these Circle mystics.

Part 4: Take shard to Mr. Bocor
Delivery @ Port Oakes
Mr. Bocor

To tell you the truth, I never doubted you would succeed. And so I will keep my promise and tell you what I know. These shards, Dread Tomax, are not dead, but alive. moreover, they are not separate. They are part of the same great life force, and that force will someday be brought to bear on Sharkhead Isle. You have a role in this, Dread Tomax; I believe that. What you chose to do with it will be most interesting to me. The shard you had best keep. I believe it will be worth much to you at a future date.

You had bets be cautious of Silver Mantis and her mentor, Black Scorpion. I believe they are suspicious of the shards' power, though they do not yet know the whole truth.

A final warning: I counsel you not to share our discussion with young Miss Cage. She too is one whom the hand of fate hovers greedily, ready to dispense fortune or doom. I would not want to see her take your destiny away from you, Dread Tomax. You are far too intriguing for that.

Crash Cage

Bocor still wouldn't tell you anything? Unbelievable! And to think of all the risks we went through for him. I sure wish we could figure out what all the hoopla about that coral is. Hey, Dread Tomax. Why're you smiling like that?

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