Steal the arms shipment


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Steal the arms shipment

Captain Petrovich

You're not above some good old-fashioned piracy, are ye? Har har! I thought not! I've gotten word the family is bringing in a sizable arms shipment. This is a prime target, and I know some interested parties who would like to acquire said weapons. Intercept the cargo ship and steal the arms shipment.

You have 60 minutes to complete the mission.

I'll have some of me boys ready to ship 'em off when you get back. Now get goin'!

Part 1: Steal the arms shipment (3 arms crates to steal)
Cargo Ship @ Sharkhead Isle

You hear loud voices talking in the distance and smell cigar smoke.

Mission Complete: You have stolen the arms shipment! Petrovich's men show up to take awy the goods.

Captain Petrovich

Arrr, ya did a good job Dread Tomax! These weapons certainly should come in handy for me and me boys!

Here! Take one fer yourself! Ya earned it!

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