Destroy Cage Consortium assets


Cause some Damage to Cage Consortium

Captain Petrovich

How do ya feel about causing a bit o' mayhem, Dread Tomax? Kirk Cage at the Cage Consortium has made some powerful enemies in his climb to the top, and they want to put the hurt on him. Head over to one of the Cage Consortium's industrial complexes and cause some damage!

If it weren't for me bad leg, I'd love to come with ya! Har har!

There's a truck waiting for ya at the docs. It'll take you to the Hell Forge where you can wait for the right moment to strike!

Part 1: Destroy Cage Consortium assets (3 bombs to set, 3 supply crates to destroy)
Instanced Outdoor [Sharkhead Isle, Hell Forge] @ Sharkhead Isle


Mission Complete: Missing

Captain Petrovich

Yarrr, I could see the explosion from here! Har har! I wish I could've been there to blow up something myself!

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