Bust up the dockworker's strike


Bust up the dockworker's strike

Lorenz Ansaldo

Alright, the Family has got some problems down at the docks. It seems those Scrapyarders have been riling up the dockworkers, causing all kinds of grief for the Family. The Family would normally just bust a few heads to solve the problem, but they want to be a bit more discrete-like. I need you to go down to the docks and bust up the dockworker's strike.

Don't leave any permanent marks. Capishe?

Part 1: Bust up the dockworker's strike
Instanced Outdoor [Sharkhead] @ Sharkhead Isle Scrapyarders

You hear the angry shouts of the dockworkers as soon as you set foot on the docks.

Mission Complete: You busted up the dockworker's strike!

Awarded for completing the mission
Lorenz Ansaldo

Hah! You sure put those dockworker deadbeats in their place!

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