Operation Skyhook


Temporary Powers

Nictus Shadow Step Nictus Shadow Step
Ranged (Location), Self Teleport

Take the job

Lt. Chalmers

There's an operation we would like to perform, a heist of sorts. In order to do it properly we have to throw the trail off of ourselves, and keep the victim guessing who the real culprit is. Now, that would entail pinning the blame on another, and while I can't tell you who we'd be stealing from or what we'd be taking until you agree, I can tell you that Wyvern would be the targets of the frame-up. You've shown that your capable, and that you can finish contracts you start. Both useful qualities for this, so I'm offering the job to you. Tell me if you're interested.

Brilliant. Now here's the plan: Word is that the Council is trying out some new robotic technology out here. Some sort of joint project between their top robotics men, Vandal and Burkholder. Now, we'd like to see that work so we could incorporate it into our own robots, bat as you can no doubt guess, the Council aren't that interested in lending it out. At least not for any price we'd like to pay. However, if the Council thought that a vigilante group, like, say, Wyvern was hunting them, they'd have to concentrate security on their boffins and thus relax security on the plans.

The first step in this mission is to get the tools to convince Wyvern to take action against the Council. In order to do that, we'd like to grab a little gizmo from Arachnos. It's a prototype holographic disguise they're working on. It could be very useful in general, and will be particularly useful in this operation. Once you have it, we'll be ready for the next phase.

Part 1: Steal holographic disguise (Find Holographic Disguise)
Arachnos base @ Sharkhead Isle

Arachnos is supposed to be working on the Holographic disguise here. Now all you have to do is get it.

Objective: You found the holographic projector.

ClueHolographic disguise prototype

This is a prototype for a holographic projector being developed by Arachnos. Properly programmed, it could project a holographic field that would completely disguise the wearer.

Mission Complete: You stole the holographic projector.

Lt. Chalmers

That would be the projector, correct? Well, don't bother with the precise details of how you got it, I'd rather not know. Deniability and all that, you know. Well, I'll get this set properly and then we can turn you loose on Wyvern. That should stir things up, eh?

Visit Dr. Percey, then stir up Wyvern within 2 hours

Lt. Chalmers

We've got the disguise all ready for you, but to really pull this off, you're going to need some specific powers to go with it. We've lined up just the thing for that. There's a scientist over in Cap au Diable, a Dr. Shelly Percey. She has a unique process that will grant you the powers of one of the Council's 'Galaxy' troops for about two hours. This should be long enough to accomplish the second part of the task, which will be to kidnap a Council defector that Wyvern is protecting. Tell me when you're ready to begin, but remember that timing will be critical. Once you've visited Dr. Percey, you'll only have two hours or less to kidnap the informant from Wyvern.

When it's all done, Wyvern should be ready to counter-attack the Council, and during the chaos, we can get what we want.

Part 2: Visit Dr. Percey
Delivery @ Cap au Diable
Dr. Shelly Percey

Ah! Hello, there, Dread Tomax! I've been waiting for you. My experiments on the Council's Nictus fragments have been very successful! I'm not ready to test them out on a live subject! I mean, I can now infuse a person with Nictus powers for a limited time, and with no ill effects whatsoever.


Not a single negative effect.


Just stand there and...

There we are! The Nictus energy should dissipate in about two hours, but I'm sure you've already been told that. So, run along and do whatever it is you were planning on Just mke sure to remind that Lt. Chalmers to send me a report.

Oh, and if you start feeling wierd, like you're longing for the depths of space or start feeling remnants of an ancient alien conciousness trying to impinge themselves on your thoughts from the darkest shadows of your mind, just ignore that. It's a perfectly normal side-effect and not anything to worry about in any way.


Nothing to worry about.

Nictus Shadow Step Nictus Shadow Step
Ranged (Location), Self Teleport
Part 3: Kidnap Council defector - 2:00:00 (Kidnap defector (Escape with defector))
Tunnels @ Cap au Diable

The darkness of the cave should hide any flaws in your disguise. You just have to make sure not to take too long.

Lt. Chalmers

Fantastic work. Wyvern's on the war path, and the Council have no idea that it's coming. While you were out, we made sure that they found some false information about where the Council is hiding the defector Wyvern thinks they recaptured. While they're dealing with that, the path should be clear. This is going perfectly, thanks to you.

The Defector you captured was remarkably happy that we weren't actually the Council. We may get a good deal of information from him, and possibly a new recruit. Rather a bonus, I think.

Steal Robotics data while Council is distracted

Lt. Chalmers

Wyvern and the Council are at each other's throats because of us. Now's the time to get the robotic information we've been wanting. We still have a need for some deniability in this, however, so I've put forth a proposal to acquire your services once more to The pay should be quite decent, and I think you'll agree that it is always nice to get a sense of closure for these sorts of things.

Things hsould be on the cusp of chaos right now. All we're interested in is the robotics data. Burkholder's data should be in their computer system, while Vandal's should be in a safe. There may be other valuable data, but that's not of interest to us. It's yours if you want it. I'll leave it to your initiative, should you decide to take it.

Part 4: Steal robotics data (2 pieces of data)
Council base @ Sharkhead Isle

The sounds of battle thunder through the halls. looks like Chalmers' ruse worked perfectly.

Objective: You found some valuable blackmail information!

Objective: You found something

ClueVandal's Blueprints

These blueprints appear to be a design for an enourmous war-robot the Council is working on. It looks to be nearing completion.

Objective: You found something

ClueBurkholder's data

These computer files appear to be control programs for an enormous war robot the Council is working on. It looks to be nearing completion.

Objective: You found some valuable stolen art!

Mission Complete: You're stolen the robotics data!

Lt. Chalmers

And that's that. the stolen technology should be quite useful. Our jump bots should be much improved once we've reverse-engineered it. Sadly, though, you're a bit too hot a contract for us to continue with right now. Don't want to tip our hand to your part in all of this, it could cause a terrible mess for both of us. It was good working with you, though. I'm certain you'll make quite a name for yourself.

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