The Unity Plague


Rescue the scientists from the Devouring Earth

Lou Pasterelli

A group of scientists are under attack by the Devouring Earth. They're doing critical work towards understanding and maybe even reversing the process that the creatures use to convert people into their own kind. I need you to rescue those scientists from the Devouring Earth, Red Tomax. If we are ever to defeat the Devouring Earth forever, we acnnot afford to lose these researchers.

I want every Devouring Earth creature accounted for, Red Tomax.

Part 1: Defeat all creatures in lab (5 researchers to rescue)
Laboratory @ Talos Island Devouring Earth

The door looks as if it's been kicked in by a 20-pound foot.

Mission Complete: You have defeated the Devouring Earth and saved all the scientists.

ClueDr. Ido's concerns

'We were trying to figure out how to reverse the process that turns people into Devouring Earth creatures. Well, we found something, but we're not yet sure what it means. We found biological agents in the blood of normal people that matched similar agents in the recently Devoured! We started taking blood samples from people all over the city, and we've been finding these biological contaminants in nearly every citizen we've tested. I'm not sure what the implications are, but I must admit I'm concerned.'

Lou Pasterelli

Dr. Ido and his lab crew send you their thanks, Red Tomax. They're relocating to a new lab so they can continue their research into the process that turns people into Devouring Earth creatures. These biological contaminants they found in normal human blood are very worrying. Especially since the same contaminants exist in the recently Devoured. I've asked Dr. Ido to keep me appraised of their worked.

Capture some Devouring Earth creatures for the scientists

Lou Pasterelli

I juts spoke with Dr. Victor Ido, that researcher you rescued from the Devouring Earth. He said that his lab is nearing a major breakthrough in determining the source of those strange biological contaminants they found in normal human blood and in the recently Devoured. The problem is, they need some recently Devoured creatures in order to confirm their conclusions. Will you capture some Devouring Earth creatures for the scientists to study?

Well, it's all for science. They've located some appropriate creatures, and I've isolated them with an emergency force field. Just take the Light Rail over to the Ulysses Keys.

Part 2: Capture several test subjects (Investigate area, 2 test subjects to capture)
Instanced Outdoor @ The Ulysses Keys

The Devouring Earth have claimed this area near Talos Island as their own.

Objective: You found a Devouring Earth manifesto.

ClueUnity manifesto

This document speaks in rapturous terms of a great change that will come over every person in Paragon City. It refers to this coming change as 'The Unity', and implores people not to fear their inevitable union with the Earth.

Mission Complete: You have captured the test subjects and found a Devouring Earth manifesto.

Lou Pasterelli

The creatures you captured have already been picked up by the lab's research team. they won't hurt them; after all, those critters used to be Paragon citizens! This minifesto you found really worries me, Red Tomax. I don't know what to make of it, but I have a bad feeling it's going to tie into all of this somehow. Check back with me later, I'll keep you informed.

Find a sample of the Unity Plague

Lou Pasterelli

I just spoke with Dr. Ido. He was able to confirm his theories after you brought him those Devoured creatures. And his conclusions are alarming. It seems the whole time we've been fighting the Devouring Earth, those creatures have had another plan in the works. It's an intelligent virus called the Unity Plague. They've been introducing it to our water for months, and they're getting ready to release the catalyst that will set it off. Dr. Ido and his team need a sample of the plague right away if they're going to combat it. Will you go find a sample of the Unity Plague?

From the looks of things, those creatures have been releasing the plague into our water on a regular schedule. There's a good chance you can find some if you head to the sewers.

Part 3: Stop lead creature, its minions
Sewer @ Random

The guttural grunts and cries of the Devouring Earth echo over the sound of running waters.

Mission Complete: You have searched, but found no sample of the Unity Plague here.

ClueA fruitless search

You've searched this place completely. There's simply no sample of the Unity Plague here.

Lou Pasterelli

So you couldn't find a sample of the Unity Plague, eh? We may have moved too early. We'll just have to keep trying, Red Tomax. If we don't get a sample of that plague soon, the Devouring Earth may succeed in turning all of us into monsters!

Recover a plague sample

Lou Pasterelli

According to Dr. Ido, the Devouring Earth should be almost ready to release a catalyst that will set off this Unity Plague they've been infecting people with. There's no time to lose. If you can recover a plague sample, Dr. Ido may be able to engineer a cure before it's too late.

Excellent. We think that the Devouring Earth are keeping a supply of the Unity Plague in a series of caverns, deep beneath the earth. I've marked the entrance fo you.

Part 4: Recover Unity Plague sample
Cavern @ Random

The interior of this cavern is filled with moist, warm air. It's a perfect environment for healthy viral growth.

Mission Complete: You found a sample of the Unity Plague.

ClueSample of the Unity Plague

You recovered this sample of the Unity Plague deep beneath the Earth. Like the Will of the Earth mutagen, this plague seems to be intelligent. You can sense its alien consciousness probing at your mind, ever hungry and waiting to be unleashed.

Lou Pasterelli

The city owes you for recovering this sample of the Unity Plague, Red Tomax. I'll make sure that Dr. Ido and his team get it immediately. With any luck, they'll be able to whip up a cure in a hurry.

Save the scientists

Lou Pasterelli

There's big trouble, Red Tomax. Dr. Ido and his team are under attack. it seems the Devouring Earth found out that he was working on a cure for their Unity Plague. I need you to save those scientits. The future of Paragon City may well rest in their hands.

Thanks, Red Tomax. Be careful out there.

Part 5: Defeat all creatures in lab (5 scientists to rescue)
Laboratory @ Talos Island

The floor is littered with shattered glass beakers.

Mission Complete: You have defeated the Devouring Earth and saved Dr. Ido's team.

Lou Pasterelli

Dr. Ido sends his thanks, as well as word that they are getting close to a cure for the Unity Plague.

Distribute the cure for the Unity Plague

Lou Pasterelli

Dr. Ido and his team have finished the cure; now they just need to distribute it to the city. Unfortunately, there's a complication, and that's where they need some help. Are you willing to distribute the cure to the Unity Plague? It won't be easy. In order to make a cure that could counter the Unity Plague and prevent a future infection, Dr. Ido had to reengineer the plague itself. So the cure is, well, semi-intelligent. And the Devouring Earth can detect it. So there's a very good chance they'll be trying to stop you.

Each of the city's signature heroes is waiting for you to deliver a portion of the cure. They'll use their network of heroes to get the cure out quickly.

ClueThe Unity cure

These vials contain the cure to the Unity Plague. As with the plague itself, you can feel the collective consciousness of the organic compound you hold in your hand. but the cure is neither hungry nor malicious. It knows it has a job to do, and it's eager to get to it.

Part 6: Take Unity cure to Ms. Liberty
Delivery @ Atlas Plaza, Atlas Park
Ms. Liberty

You're at the top of your game, Red Tomax. I'll make sure this gets distributed properly. Back Alley Brawler's next on the list. I'll see you around.

Part 7: Take Unity cure to Brawler
Delivery @ Galaxy City
Back Alley Brawler

Good to see you, youngster. Heh, I should just call you Red Tomax these days. You earned it. Now get on over to Steel Canyon and see Positron.

Part 8: Take Unity cure to Positron
Delivery @ Steel Canyon

This is very serious business, Red Tomax, and I applaud your dedication. Synapse is waiting for you in Skyway City. He'll be taking care of both Skyway and Kings Row.

Part 9: Take Unity cure to Synapse
Delivery @ Skyway City

Thanks, Red Tomax! I'll distribute this as the speed of thought. Bastion's waiting for you over in Talos Island. Good luck!

Part 10: Take Unity cure to Bastion
Delivery @ Talos Island

You have performed far above normal limits, Red Tomax. I will distribute this immediately. Sister Psyche awaits your arrival in Independence Port.

Part 11: Take Unity cure to Sister Psyche
Delivery @ Independence Port
Sister Psyche

You've done so much, Red Tomax, it's hard to thank you enough. Now get the cure to Manticore over in Brickstown.

Part 12: Take Unity cure to Manticore
Delivery @ Brickstown


I'll take care of it here.

Go see Numina in Founders' Falls.

Oh, and good work, Red Tomax.

Part 13: Take Unity cure to Numina
Delivery @ Founder' Falls

I have been watching your progress from the astral realm, Red Tomax, and you have done very well. Now, however, I must deliver unto you a dire warning. The despicable Devouring Earth have already begun work on a counter-agent to the cure you have delivered. Go now and speak with the one who sent you. You have spared the city for now, but soon you will be needed once more.

Lou Pasterelli

You did it! Normally I'd say you should take some time out and celebrate, but Numina's warning changes everything. If the Devouring Earth really are working on a counter-agent to the cure you delivered, we may have to move fast!

Destroy the Devouring Earth's counter-agent

Lou Pasterelli

I spoke with Dr. Ido about Numina's warning. He agress that if the Devouring Earth could develop a counter-agent quickly, they might be able to prevent the cure you distributed from taking effect. The Unity Plague may still be upon us! In order to distribute the counter-agent quickly enough, the Devouring Earth would have to introduce it to the water supply near the purification system. Will you go to the sewers and destroy the Devouring Earth's counter-agent?

You are a true champion of this city, Red Tomax. I know you won't let us down.

Part 14: Destroy the counter-agent (8 barrels to destroy)
Sewer @ Random

The howls and cries of the Devouring Earth fill the air. It looks like you're in the right place.

Mission Complete: You have destroyed the counter-agent and stopped the threat of the Unity Plague.

Lou Pasterelli

The threat of the Unity Plague is over! You did it, Red Tomax! The whole city owes you. With the cure in place, we should be able to reduce the threat of any similar viruses in the future. The city government is also working with FEMA to stockpile stores of the cure in case the Devouring Earth try this trick in another city. Dr. Ido tells me that the information you helped him gather has taught him a lot about the process that turns humans into Devouring Earth monsters. Someday, he hopes, they'll even be able to reverse it!

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