Carpe Diem


  • CategoryStory Arc
  • FlashbackVisit Ouroborus to Flashback to this story
  • IntroducedIssue 6
  • ContactsLorenz Ansaldo (Sharkhead Isle)
  • Level Range20 - 24
  • Badge Seaweed The Sea Witch won't be bothering you anymore.

Notable Foes

Interrogate Legacy Chain leader

Lorenz Ansaldo

Ay yo, we got a problem, Dread Tomax. You ever hear of this dame known as the Sea Witch? She's some kinda hero who patrols the waters of the Rogue Islands, lookin' to cause problems for us honest businessmen. She's been attackin' a few Family vessels including the Carpe Diem, and the Family wants to put her down for the count.

Trouble is, she;s pretty hard to find. We been looking for her for a while, and the only thing we found is she sometimes works wit' a group called the Legacy Chain. You heard of 'em? They're these mystic nutcases who are out to bring order to chaos or some such. Whatever! We found where a bunch of these Legacy Chain goombas are hiding out, and we need a heavy to go in and interrogate their leader. With the proper, ahem, persuasion you should be able to find out more on this Sea Witch.

Those Legacy Chain fellas got a lot of magic mumbo-jumbo backin' them up.

Part 1: Interrogate Legacy Chain leader (Defeat leader and minions)
Warehouse @ Sharkhead Isle Scrapyarders,Legacy Chain

You notice some strange symbols chalked onto the floor of the warehouse.

Objective: You interrogate the Legacy Chain leader.

ClueLegacy Chain Interrogation

You interrogate the Legacy Chain leader about the Sea Witch. Arcanist Stigand reveals that the Sea Witch has a personal relationship with one of the leaders of the Scrapyarders named Iron Billy.

Mission Complete: You interrogate the Legacy Chain leader about the Sea Witch. Arcanist Stigand reveals that the Sea Witch has a personal relationship with one of the leaders of the Scrapyarders named Iron Billy.

Lorenz Ansaldo

So, the Sea Witch has got a sweetie within the Scrapyarders, eh? Sounds like we got some bait for our hook...

Find and kidnap Iron Billy

Lorenz Ansaldo

Nice work on interrogating that Legacy Chain leader, Dread Tomax! So the Sea Witch is all lovey-dovey with a Scrapyarder leader named Iron Billy, eh? I think it's time to bring things to a head. Rumour has it that Iron Billy was last seen in The Crush. Find and kidnap ron Billy!

Those miner scum are just a bunch of upstarts. Give 'em hell!

Part 2: Interrogate Scrapyarders (Defeat 20 Scrapyarders)
Defeat X

Mission Complete: You found the hideout of Iron Billy!

Part 3: Kidnap Iron Billy (Kidnap Iron Billy)
Instanced Outdoor [The Cruch, Sharkhead Isle] @ Sharkhead Isle

This secluded area of the Crush has been taken over by Scrapyarders. Somewhere Iron Billy can be found.

Mission Complete: You kidnapped Iron Billy!

Lorenz Ansaldo

Nice work, Dread Tomax! I'll put the word out on the streets that we got Iron billy. Then we just wait until the Sea Witch comes runnin'! Capishe?

Take down the Sea Witch

Lorenz Ansaldo

Our plan for taking down the Sea Witch is goign well. When you interrogated the Sea Witch's Legacy Chain allies you found out she had a sweetie among the Junkyarders, a guy called Iron Billy. You managed to track down and kidnap him from his hideout in the Crush. Sure enough, the Sea Witch has come callin' and wants a fional confrontation as the Carpe Diem, the wrecked ship off the Port Recluse docks.

It's time to finish this, Dread Tomax. GO to the Carpe Diem and take down the Sea Witch.

You might want to take some friends, Dread Tomax. She's a pretty tough broad and I hear she's REAL angry about you kidnappin' Iron Billy!

We sent some of our boys to soften 'em up for ya.

This dame has been a thorn in the Family's side for too long. End this.

Part 4: Take down the Sea Witch
Instanced Outdoor [Port Recluse, Sharkhead Isle] @ Sharkhead Isle

The Carpe Diem sits idly after being damaged by the Sea Witch. Now the Sea Witch waits for a final confrontation with you!

Sea Witch [Hero]
The Sea Witch is a hero from the Rogue Isles possessing elemental powers of the storm. She has been causing problems for the villains of the Rogue Isles for many years, including the destruction of many Family smuggling vessels including the Carpe Diem.

Mission Complete: You defeated the Sea Witch!

Awarded for completing the mission
Lorenz Ansaldo

You took down the Sea Witch? That's freaking' fantastic! The Family will be pleased!

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