Steal a Goldbrickers Rocket pack


Temporary Powers

Goldbricker Rocket Pack Goldbricker Rocket Pack
Toggle: Self Fly

Take the job against the Gold Brickers from Marshall Brass

Marshal Brass

I'm Marshal Leon Brass. I control all Arachnos operations in the Cap au Diable, reporting to Dr. Aeon. You'd be Dread Tomax, right? You've tangled with my forces before, I'm sure. Dont' worry about it. I don't hold grudges for that kind of thing. It's just how it is here. I'ev heard good things about you. That you're powerful. That you're capable. that you don't mind getting your hands dirty. Sounds like what I need.

I have a job or two I need done by an independent contractor, and I think you could be the one. You'll be paid, but this will be kept quiet. This is not official Arachnos work. You will not officially work for me in any capacity. Arachnos troops will still consider you a valid target, and if you mess up, I will deny any knowledge that you even exist. What I will do, is pay you to take on certain jobs for me. The first will be against the Goldbrickers. The job is yours if you want it. Otherwise, walk away. Word of warning: You can take your time on the first part, but you'll only have 90 minutes for the last half. You'll get more details if you agree.

Here's the details:

I've been wanting to see one of the Goldbrickers hoversleds up close for a long time. They resemble an old Arachnos prototype. If they're derived from that program, then we have a leak.

Your job is to steal one of the Rocket packs, then to deliver it to r. Flammond's lab for analysis. Flammond is one of ours. the Goldbrickers will try to stop you. DOnt' get stopped. Once you have the pack, it's security system will fuse it's inner workings solid in 90 minutes, so get it to Flammond on time.

Part 1: Steal Rocket pack from Brickers
Warehouse @ Cap au Diable Goldbrickers

The Goldbrickers are in the middle of one of their thefts. It looks like they aren't expecting an interruption like this.

Mission Complete: You got the hover sled! Now to deliver it to Dr. Flammond

ClueA Stolen Rocket pack

You stole this ROcket pack from the Goldbrickers. it only has 90 minutes of flight time before it's security system will fuse it's inner workings.

Goldbricker Rocket Pack Goldbricker Rocket Pack
Toggle: Self Fly

Now, time to get this rocket pack to Dr. Flammond in time!

Part 2: Get Rocket pack to Dr. Flammond
Arachnos Base @ Cap au Diable

Mission Complete: ?

Marshal Brass


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