Steal Facemaker's reanimation chemicals


Get samples of the Facemaker's chemicals

Dr. Shelly Percey

I'm sure you've heard of a most accomplished young lady known as the Facemaker? She's a disciple of Vahzilok, and is well known for her habit of carving up innocent young debutantes for her own private collection of parts. yes, yes, deplorable. Nevertheless, I'd like to know more about her process. I want you to go to a Vahzilok lair and return with samples of the Facemaker's reanimation chemicals. I'll reward you well for your efforts.

I have to admit, the Facemaker has long been a subject of my study. Her work is remarkable. Her students, however, scare me. Make sure to eliminate any on scene to keep them from following you back to me.

Part 1: Fight disciples & get chemical samples (3 stes of chemicals)
Sewers @ Cap au Diable Vahzilok

The stench of ammonia hits your nose.

Objective: This refrigerator is full of freshly harvested organs.

Objective: You have some samples of the Facemaker's chemicals.

ClueVahzilok chemicals

You stole these green and purple chemical concoctions from one of the Facemaker's labs. They're offensive to the nose, but they ought to be quite pleasing to the perennially curious Dr. Percey.

Objective: This body is missing several organs.

Mission Complete: missing

Mask Maker
Awarded for completing the mission
Dr. Shelly Percey

Ah, Dread Tomax, you've returned. And with the Facemaker's chemicals! These should prove most interesting under laboratory study. You know, I've always felt a certain kinship with the Facemaker. She may be a monster, but sometimes I feel as though we were sisters under the skin.

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