The Altar of Dryzzgor


Destroy Altar & Guardians

Willie Wheeler

You know those creepy Circle of Thorns? Well, I got a job for ya destroying one of those altars that they dance around. I guess they snatched the wrong person, and someone wants to make 'em pay! Here's the place where the Circle is holed up: go into the caves and destroy the altar of Dryzzgor. We do this and my source promises a big payoff down the line.

Kick some Circle butt so we can get in tight with my source!

Part 1: Destroy Altar & Guardians
Caverns @ Grandville Circle of Thorns

The cave is cold and dark, but strange noises echo from the depths

Objective: You found a clue

ClueThe Beast who Slumbers

You destroyed the Altar af Dryzzgor, dedicated to an entity that is meant to protect the Circle of Thorns from the Beast Who Slumbers.

Mission Complete: You destroyed the Altar of Dryzzgor!

Willie Wheeler

Those Circle mystics put up a fight, eh? Hehe! Crazy magic-using wackos.

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