Break out Flashbang and his men


Break Goldbrickers Out

Golden Roller

During a heist a team of Goldbrickers got nabbed by a group called Wyvern, a bunch of freelance vigilantes who stick their noses where they don't belong. We need someone to go in to the Wyvern Hideout where they're interrogating the Goldbrickers and break them out.

Make sure you get the Goldbricker boss out, a guy by the name of Flashbang. He's the most valuable of that lot.

Part 1: Break Goldbrickers out of Wyvern hideout (Rescue Flashbang, Lead Flashbang out)
Warehouse @ Cap au Diable Wyvern

This old warehouse has been taken over by Wyvern as a temporary base.

Mission Complete: You broke out the Goldbrickers!

Golden Roller

Good job. The last thing we need is Wyvern learning Goldbricker secrets.

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