The Council Spymaster


Call in for a shot at the Council Spymaster, and then catch the Spy in 60 minutes

The Radio

It takes a bit of tuning, but finally you hear the voice of Radio Free Opportunity coming through loud and clear:

'It's time for the prime show of crime! That's rihgt villains, it's Radio


RADIOOOOOOO! Free Opportunity coming at you from our secret location. And we better stay secret if we want to keep our heads today, because we got something big. The ultimate big-bads of the the Rogue Isles have themselves quite a problem, and we're the the only ones who are going to be brave enough to tell you about it. Seems that they've been infiltrated! That's right, a spy from the Council has made his way into their ranks, and is feeding his pals information like it was a buffet line! What's worse, Arachnos can't weed the guy out. If only someone could find the Council's Spymaster, they'd be sure to find the spy. Of course, that spy's no doubt going to make a run for Paragon to hide behind the capes there within the hour, and the Arachnos base he was in would still think he was on their side so you'd have to fight through them to catch him, all in about 60 minutes. So if you want a shot, just be our 13th caller. It could be you!'

You call the number and the phone picks up immediately:

'Congratulations, Dread Tomax, you're our lucky winner. You get the location of the Council Spymaster! Now remember, this is a two parter, and the second part's gonna be on the clock. The good news is, sources say Arachnos won't be any more upset than normal if you take out the whole base the Council's spy is hiding in. Arachnos figures it would serve them right for being fooled. So good luck, good hunting, and tell everyone you heard all about it right here on Radio'


RADIOOOOOO! Free Opportunity!'

Part 1: Learn spy identity (Find Spy Identity)
Council Base @ Port Oakes Arachnos,Council

This Council base clearly wasn't expecting trouble. Too bad you showed up.

Objective: You found the files you we looking for

ClueThe Council Spy

This list of contacts and code-names reveals the identity of the Council's spy within Arachnos. All you'd need to do now is take him out.

Objective: The Council Spymaster had an interesting offer for you.

ClueThe Spymaster's request

After you defeated him, the Council Spymaster made you an offer:

'You may know who my man inside Arachnos is, but I warned him that he was discovered. He'll be out of there in about an hour. Whatever they're payingyou, I'll match it if you let him escape. You don't even have to do anything. All you have to do is just let my agent get away. Do we have a deal?'

Mission Complete: You got the identity ofthe Council spy. But will you catch him, or accept the Spymaster's offer?

Part 2: Catch the Council spy; Or not - 1:00:00
Arachnos Base @ Port Oakes
The Radio

On Mission Failure (allowing spy to escape)

You tune into the radio and search for the tell-tale sound of Radio Free Opportunity's announcer@

'Were the sound you need every day of your evil lives, it's Radio


RADIOOOOOO! Free Opportunity! Seems that the Council's Spymaster ran into a big problem that goes by the name of Dread Tomax. But it looks like their spy got away before the leading contender for Villain of the Year could catch up to him. Those COuncil guys sure are tricky.'

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