The Legacy Initiation


Crash the Legacy initiation ceremony

The Radio

You tune into the station, and sure enough, the voice of Radio Free Opportunity cuts into the music:

'Blasting through the airwaves like a hammer to the skull, it's Radio!


RADIOOOOOOOOO! Free Opportunity, coming to you live from who knows where! We have the low down on the down low, alljust for you, our listeners. Speaking of secrets, we've heard here as the station that the cabal of mystics with an over-active sense of justice you know as the Legacy Chain are going to be holding induction ceremonies for their newest members in some offices here in Port Oakes. Well, I'm sure everyone in the Rogue Isles wishes them the best, and hopes that their little inductin of new would-be champions of rightousness isn't crashed by any of the bad guys out there. Isn't that right, all you bad guys listening? Oh, and I should probably mention that we've heard those ceremonies involve some pretty valuable stuff. I just hope nothing bad happens. And that's what we call a hint, ladies and gentlemen.'

The voice of Radio Free Opportunity fades.

If the tip from Radio Free Opportunity is right and the Legacy Chain is initiating new recruits, then it would jibe with things you'd heard from other contacts. In fact, you think you know what business offices they're probably going to be holding the ceremony in. If you can take out the one leading the initiation, you should be able to steal the valuables worry-free.

Part 1: Bust up Legacy initiation (3 things to steal, Defeat initiation boss)
Office @ Port Oakes Legacy Chain

Looks like you were right. You can hear the sounds of the ceremony from somewhere in this office. They won't know what hit them.

Objective: You found some valuable mystic items.

Objective: You found some valuable mystic tomes.

Objective: You defeated the leader of the Legacy Chain initiation rites.

Mission Complete: You broke up the Legacy group's initiation ceremonies and stole some of their valuables.

The Radio

You try to tune into Radio Free Opportunity again, listening for the announcer's voice to breakinto the middle of a song. You're rewarded soon enough when you hear:

'It's the love song for your heartof darkness, it's Radio


RADIOOO! Free Opportunity! I've got a bit of news for all you black masks out in the Rogue Isles. If you were thinking of pouring some weed killer on the next crop of Legacy Chain initiates, you should have set your alarm clock for yesterday! It looks like Dread Tomax beat you all to the punch, which is spiked, thank you very much. Dread Tomax, if you're listening, keep it up. You're proof that good things happen to bad people who listen to Radio


RADIOOOOO! Free Opportunity!

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