High-Tech Gold


Kidnap Dr. Cambrian

Golden Roller

My associates have discovered that Vrey Industries is developing a new technology that could come in quite useful. The first step is finding out where the device is. My sources tell me that a Crey scientist involved is currently visiting one of Dr. Aeon's labs. Infiltrate the laboratory and kidnap Dr. Cambrian.

Try to minimalize casualties if possible. We don't want Arachnos coming after us!

Part 1: Kidnap Dr. Cambrian
Arachnos Base @ Cap au Diable Crey

The smell of ozone pervades the air.

Mission Complete: You kidnapped Dr. Cambrain!

Dr. Cambrian is whisked away by some Goldbrickers!

Golden Roller

Fine work, Dread Tomax. It seems that Wyvern came across the same information we did, and made a move to stop it falling into the wrong hands.

Excuse me while I 'persuade' Dr. Cambrain to tell us more about the new Crey technology under development.

Defeat Lost in cargo ship

Golden Roller

With regards to that new Crey technology comign out, we 'persuaded' the Crey scientist you kidnapped to tell us what he knows. Crey's working on some state of the art micro-circuitry which can be incorporated into clothes and light body armour. This is exactly the kind of technology my associates would like to get ahold of for themselves.

The main Crey Industries laboratory developing this micro-circuitry is located in paragon City. However, we need to secure a caro ship to take you to the mainland. We've found one that's infested by Lost, but would be a good vessel otherwise. Go in and clear out the Lost from the cargo ship.

Once the vessel is cleared of Lost, we can take it to Paragon City.

Part 2: Defeat Lost in cargo ship
Cargo ship @ Cap au Diable

Within the holds of this massive cargo ship, shadowy figures trudge along.

Mission Complete: You cleared out the cargo ship!

Golden Roller

Nice work, Dread Tomax. We should be able to take the ship into Paragon City undetected!.

Steal data, defeat witnesses

Golden Roller

Listen up Dread Tomax, because this is the big score. That scientist you kidnapped revealed that a certain Crey lab in Paragon City has been developing some new micro-circuitry that my associates would like to get their hands on. We have a transport vessel to get us there since you cleared out that cargo ship.

Now the time has come to make our move on the Crey building itself. Break into the Crey office building and steal the micro-circuitry research data. And don't leave any witnesses!

My associates strongly desire this research data. Don't disappoint us.

Part 3: Steal data, defeat witnesses
Laboratory @ Cap au Diable

You make your wayquickly to the Crey building. There are far too many heroes in this town.

Objective: You found a decryption device

ClueDecryption Algorithm

This Crey decryption algorithm is able to unlock certain encrypted data files.

Objective: You found te research data

ClueMicro-Circuitry Research Data

You have downloaded the micro-circuitry research data from the Crey laboratory computer. However, it looks like it's encrypted.

Mission Complete: You stole the research data!

You board the cargo ship and make your way back to Cap au Diable in the Rogue Isles

Golden Roller

Excellent work, Dread Tomax! This micro-circuitry research data can go a long way towards giving the Goldbrickers the edge in Cap au Diable.

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