Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge


Turn Pyriss into a villain

Peter Themari

The Legacy Chain has a new and powerful ally, Dread Tomax. A young mutant who calls herself Pyriss and sports a full array of fire powers. They've been using her talents to melt down Aeon's facilities, and I don't like it. Not one bit. If I had my way, there'd be no selflessness. No heroics. no fanfare, no morality, no hope. And in Pyriss' case, I intend to have my way. I want you to turn her into a villain, Dread Tomax. And I think you can help me.

It seems out young vigilante is an orphan. Her parents went into one of Dr. Aeon's labs and never came out. or my plan to work, I need to find out exactly how they died. So I need you to sack that lab. you should probably wipe out all of Aeon's troops, to make sure nobody learns you were the invader.

Part 1: Defeat all villains in lab (Seek cause of death)
Laboratoty @ Cap au Diable Legacy Chain

There's no telling what's gone on on in this lab; Dr. Aeon is interested in everything.

Objective: You found out how Pyriss' parents died.

ClueAeon's files

According to these files, Pyriss' parents, heather and Gary Themopolis, were among the many civilians killed during Dr. Aeon's futile attempts to create powers.

Mission Complete: Missing

Peter Themari

So, Aeon killed Pyriss' parents in an experiment gone bad? Not that she needs to know about it. The important this is, we now know enough about their deaths to proceed with authority. One thing I've learned over the years, Dread Tomax: if you want to sell a lie, it helps to know the truth.

Plant the files on a Legacy computer

Peter Themari

We know Pyriss' parents died due to Dr. Aeon's -- how shall we put it -- less than responsible tinkering. But Pyriss doesn't know the details, not for sure. Now, here are Aeon's files back, doctored of course. I want you to take them to a specific Legacy Chain base and plant them on a computer there. It'll make it seem that Aeon's experiments were cautious in the extreme, and that Pyriss' parents died in an attack on the lab by the Legacy Chain. Our young heroine will believe that her newfound friends were willing to sacrifice her family in order to stop Aeon's experiments. Then, we'll see how the worm turns.

If we've played our cards right, Pyriss will turn away from the Legacy Chain. No more romantic good deeds for her!

ClueDoctored files

These files, doctored by Peter Themari, indicate that Pyriss' parents died in an assault on Dr. Aeon's lab by the Legacy Chain.

Part 2: Plant files on computer
Office @ Cap au Diable

Your footsteps echo on the deck plating. You'll have to work hard to remain undetected.

Objective: You have planted the files.

Mission Complete: Missing

Peter Themari

You planted the file for Pyriss to find? Good. Now we sit and wait. Patience is one virtue I am content to keep.

Get Pryiss out of the Legacy Chain base

Peter Themari

According to certain inside sources of mine, the fish has taken the bait. Pyriss read the files we planted about the Legacy Chain causing her parents' deaths, and she's asking a lot of questions. Now, here's where we seal the deal. Get her out of that Legacy Chain base before they can prove to her that Dr. Aeon was actually responsible for her parents' demise. Once she's outside of the Legacy Chain's control, I believe she'll turn.

This base is located in a small cave nearby. Get going.

Part 3: Extract Pyriss
Tunnels @ Cap au Diable

The Legacy Chain seems content to work their way into any disused space in the Rogue Isles. They're a pest, no two ways about it.

Pyriss Vigilante [Pet]
This young and trusting heroine is the perfect victim for Peter Themari. The fool actually thinks you're helping her!

Mission Complete: You extracted Pyriss from the Legacy Chain's base!

Peter Themari

I've had a nice chat with Pyriss over a cup of tea. She thanks you for getting her out of that Legacy Chain base. I hate to say it, but the poor dear's feeling a bit disillusioned. Lucky she's got a friend liek me to guide her in this troubling time.

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