The Rise of the Vampyri (5th Column)


  • CategoryStory Arc
  • RemovedIssue 3
  • ContactsMerisel Valenzuela (Brickstown), Jose Escalante (Founders' Falls)
  • Level Range30 - 35
  • NoteThe 5th Column was overthrown by the Council in Issue 3: A Council of War. All 5th Column story arcs were replaced with slightly modified ones featuring the Council.

Investigate base 80-05

Merisel Valenzuela

According to the memo you found in Commandant Odelburg's supply base, the 5th Column is preparing a new batch of vampyri. Perhaps we should investigate this base 80-05 mentioned in the memo. We need to stop that transformation process if at all possible. The vampyri are some of the Column's deadliest soldiers.

The vampyri may look like monsters, but they're really augmented human beings, just like the Ubermen. Their leader is Nosferatu, a brilliant german scientist who first proved his methods by testing them on himself.

Part 1: Arrest base leader & his men (Seek data on vampyri)
5th Column base @ Kings Row 5th Column

You slipped through security without a hitch. The 5th Column has no idea what they're in for.

Objective: You found some data files on the vampyr candidates.

ClueVampyr candidate files

These computer files list the identities of several 5th Column soldiers who have volunteered for the vampyri program. Dossiers on each man reveal a common thread of sociopathic tendencies and a willingness to endure pain. You also note that a number of candidates are being gathered at another base.

Mission Complete: You captured the base commander and found files on the vampyr candidates.

Merisel Valenzuela

These files you found list every soldier scheduled to be turned into a vampyr! Red Tomax, with these, we may be able to capture a number of these men before the transformation takes place

Arrest the vampyr candidates

Merisel Valenzuela

I have a good lead on teh base where those vampyr candidates are being trained prior to the transformation process. The more of these men we can capture, the bugger a problem we can make for the 5th Column. Will you go over there and arrest the vampyr candidates?

We've never been able to learn much about the process that turns 5th Column into vampyri. Anything you can learn will be of great value.

Part 2: Arrest all soldiers in base (2 files to find)
5th Column base @ Random

The base is Spartan and dim. It looks like a place only a vampyr could feel comfortable calling home.

Objective: This computer is filled with manuscripts for 5th Column pamphlets.

Objective: You found some records on the vampyr transformation process.

ClueResearch records

This hefty stack of files contains copies of papers written by 5th COlumn scientists working on improvements to the 5th Column's vampyri. Each one reads like a madman's medical text. Tissue grafting, nerve alteration, implantations of multiple adrenal glands, and skin strengthening agents are discussed at length. The last few papers in the file refer to recombinant genetic work, which, it it hoped, will result in a new, stronger genmeration of vampyri.

Objective: These lockers contain a lot of training and exercise gear, but nothing terribly interesting.

Objective: You found some files on the vampyr training program.

ClueTraining logs

These training logs contain detailed information on teh training regimen for candidates for the 5th Column's vampyr transformation process. Perfromance logs, Uberman alteration compatibility, drug resistance, medical health, and physical fitness have been all carefully monitored and recorded during the brutal training regimen. Recent candidates also seem to have undergone genetic profiling. Cryptic comments about each man's genetic suitability litter the margins of the pages.

Mission Complete: You arrested the vampyr candidates and found some interesting information.

Merisel Valenzuela

From the looks of these files you found, it seems the 5th Column has been bolstering the ranks of the vampyri for quite some time. In fact, it looks like they're getting ready to field test some kind of new, improved vampyr. If it weren't for you, Red Tomax, we might not have known about these new vampyri until they were upon us! Thanks to you, we may still have a chance to stop them.

Investigate vampyr transformation process

Merisel Valenzuela

According to these files you found in the vampyr training base, it seems the 5th Column is planning to radically alter their vampyr creation process. They plan to start using some kind of induced genetic mutation to turn men into vampyri with little surgical augmentation. If they can do that, they can step up their production a hundred fold. I have a lead on the facility where they're testing the process. If you can find out a little more about the process, we may have a chance to stop their research.

If we're lucky, you'll discover that they're a long way from actually using this new vampyr transformation process.

Part 3: Investigate vampyr alterations (3 files to find)
5th Column base @ Talos Island

From the fresh paint and gleaming metal, it looks like this base was only recently commissioned.

Objective: You found some very interesting records.

ClueFailed experiments

These documents and photographs tell a terrible story. Mutations, disfigurements, and deaths: the end results of the 5th Column's attempt at genetically engineering a new type of vampyr soldier. Dozens of men have died in these tests already, but teh volunteers keep coming. The later tests, however, have been showing some moderate success. Here and there in the photgraphs, you note the cilivian researchers participating in the experiments. All of them wear lab coats bearing the words Alderwise Genetics.

Objective: These lockers hold unwashed gym clothes emblazoned with the 5th Column logo.

Objective: You found some files on the 5th Column's attempts at making new vampyri.

ClueGenetic lab work

This is a detailed expenditure report, showing that the 5th Column has been outsourcing a good deal of their research to a private firm called Alderwise Genetics.

Objective: You found some samples of artificial DNA.

ClueArtificial vampyr DNA

This refrigerated DNA is no doubt a part of the 5th Column's attempt to streamline their vampyr transformation process by altering human beings at a genetic level. The vials containing the samples all come from a company called Alderwise Genetics.

Mission Complete: You have gained valuable information into the 5th column's new vampyr program.

Merisel Valenzuela

You did a great job down there, Red Tomax, and there was a lot of good information to be found. It looks like the 5th Column aren't as far along as we'd feared, but they are definitely making progress on their efforts to improve their vampyr creation process.

Look at this! It seems that the 5th Column hasn't been working on these new genetic vampyr enhancements on their own. A company called Alderwise Genetics has done a lot of work for them. I'm going to do a bit of research into this company and see what I can find.

Go to Alderwise Genetics and see if you can find evidence that the 5th Column is involved with them

Merisel Valenzuela

I did a bit of digging into Alderwise Genetics, that company mentioned in the 5th Column files. It looks like Alderwise got bought out by a private invetsor about two years ago, after their CEO died in a car accident. After teh buy-out, they fired most of their staff and radically changed the direction of their research. From where I stand, it looks like their private investor may have been the 5th Column. I'll bet anything the Column is using Alderwise as a front company to gain them access to genetic research data they couldn't get their hands on any other way. Will you get over to Alderwise Genetics and see if you can find any evidence that the Column is involved with them?

We still need more information. If Alderwise is close to perfecting the 5th Column's new vampyr transformation process, we need to be forewarned.

Part 4: Defeat security chief & his men (2 files to find)
Laboratory @ Random

The smell of coffee in the air, the inspirational posters tacked to the walls. No one would ever know that this lab is a 5th Column front company.

Objective: This appears to be the bullet-ridden body of an Alderwise researcher. He won't be able to tell you anything. Not anymore.

Objective: This computer's hard drives have been scrambled beyond recovery.

Objective: You're just in time to stop the computer from erasing the last of its data!

ClueData transfer

While most of this computer's data has been removed, enough remains to inform you that the records were not erased, but transferred to a 5th Column base. Unfortunately, there is no clue to this base's location.

Objective: You're just in time to stop the computer from erasing its hard drives!

ClueThe Progenitor

These e-mails, documents, presentations, and memos are both fascinating an horrifying. They chronicle Alderwise Genetics' attempts to transform volunteers into vampyri by altering their DNA. After countless setbacks, the researchers concluded that such radical genetic alterations could not transform an adult human. however, if they could alter the germ-like cells that passed traits from parent to child, they could produce something potentially far more valuable in the long term. They began working to create a vampyr that could breed true. The final documents detail the alterations made to one Victor Sieger, who is dubbed 'The Progenitor'.

Mission Complete: You stopped the 5th Column from eliminating the evidence linking them to Alderwise Genetics.

Merisel Valenzuela

A vampyr that breeds true? That's unbelievable! I never guessed the 5th Column's genetic research had gotten this far! If this Progenitor gets away from us, tehy could hide him in some remote part of the world and ready a vampyr army. I don't know if even the 5th Column realize the drastic implications of this mad scheme. After all, once the vampyri are no longer converted 5th Column soldiers, who's to say they won't develop their own agenda? We have to stop this, Red Tomax. We have to stop it now.

Hit the streets and interrogate a few 5th Column soldiers

Merisel Valenzuela

I've talked to everyone I know about the 5th Column, teh raid on Alderwise Genetics, and this vampyr Progenitor they've created. I wish I had better news. All I was able to find out is that the genetic research data Alderwise generated was transferred to a single 5th Column base. The touble is, I don't know which one. I need you to hit the streets and interrogate a few 5th Column soliders. We're working on a clock here, Red Tomax. If we don't find that vampyr Progenitor before the 5th Column spirits him away, we'll never be able to eliminate the vampyri for good.

The 5th Column won't give up information easily. I hope you're ready to see this through.

Part 5: Question soldiers about base (Defeat 10 5th Column)

Mission Complete: One of the soldiers you defeated gave up the name of the base commander.

Part 6: Question soldiers about base (Defeat 15 5th Column)
Defeat x @ Any (Founders' Falls, Independence Port)

Mission Complete: On one of the soldiers you defeated, you found a print out detailing patrol routes.

Part 7: Question soldiers about base (Defeat 20 5th Column)

Mission Complete: On one of the soldiers you defeated, you found a work order.

Clue5th Column work orders

One of the soldiers you defeated was carrying orders for a clean-up detail to fix the secret entrance to a 5th Column base in Independence Port. The landmarks and location match those you know to be near Commandant Conrad's base.

Merisel Valenzuela

You really did it, Red Tomax. Now that we know the location of Conrad's base, we can recover the genetic research data that was taken from Alderwise Genetics. With any luck, that'll get us a lot closer to finding this strange vampyr Progenitor the 5th Column have created.

Go to Commandant Conrad's base and get the data

Merisel Valenzuela

Now that we know the location of Conrad's base, we should be able to get our hands on that genetic research data the 5th Column took from Alderwise Genetics. I'm also hoping Conrad can tell us more about this vampyr Progenitor the 5th Column have engineered. I need you to get over to that base and get the data, Red Tomax. What do you say? You up for it?

I want Conrad behind bars, red Tomax. He can tell us a lot about the 5th Column's new plans for the vampyri.

Part 8: Arrest Conrad and his men (Find genetic data)

Not a speck of dirt mars the floor, and the weapons stacked against the wall are clean and gleaming. Commandant Conrad runs a tight base.

Objective: You found the genetic data on the vampyr Progenitor.

ClueAlderwise Genetics' Data

You extracted the last trace of Alderwise Genetics' data from a 5th Column computer. Oddly, the computer had been isolated from the base's computer network, so it seems that no coppies of the files were ever made.

Mission Complete: You have defeated Commandant Conrad and secured all the data pertaining to Project Progenitor.

ClueConrad's story

After his defeat, Commandant Conrad told you:

'I never had any intention of letting this obscene genetic research data survive. The vampyri we have were men once, men who underwent their transformation to further our cause of creating a new America. But these monsters my superiors sought to create would never have been human. They would have no allegiance, no loyalty to any but their own freakish kind. They were an abomination. I became a Commander to lead men into battle to make a new world, not to lead monsters in the war to destroy it.'

'I know where their loathsome vampyr Progenitor is. He is hiding in the city sewers like an animal, protected in his lair until he can escape to a prepared location in South America. You cannot allow this. You must stop the vampyr Progenitor!'

Merisel Valenzuela

So, this Commandant Conrad was actually trying to stop the vampyr Progenitor? I guess it makes sense; after all; the 5th Column do have an ideaology of sorts, even if it is a sick one. I guess Conrad didn't like the idea of a race of true-breeding vampyri running around. Come to think of it, I have to say I agree.

You are a worthy friend. Check out the Enhancements I turned up in one of my investigations.

Take the vampyr Progenitor into custody

Merisel Valenzuela

According to this Commandant Conrad you captured, the 5th Column have the vampyr Progenitor secreted away in the sewers. He'll be heavily guarded, Red Tomax. But if you can take him into custody, we may never have to face the nightmare of a true-breeding race of vampyri.

There's a lot riding on this one, Red Tomax. I know I can count on you to see it through.

Part 9: Arrest Progenitor & his guards

The dark confines of the city sewers press in. The Rise of the Vampyri must end here and now, or all humanity's future will be in peril.

Mission Complete: With your defeat of the vampyr Progenitor, you have ended the Rise of the Vampyri.

Merisel Valenzuela

Well, you've captured the vampyr Progenitor and confiscated all the data on how to make another. All in all, I'd say you've wrapped this up nicely. I'm proud to have worked with you to prevent the rise of an independent species of vampyri, Red Tomax. i'd like to think that one day I'll be able to tell future generations about your valiant perseverance. Come to think of it, those future generations may only exist because of you.

This relationship has been tended well, and it's been fruitful for us both. I'm certain these new Enhancements will aid you. Please don't hesitate to call.

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