The Hit list


Make Wyvern's 'Hit List' your business

The Radio

You've been listening to the radio for a few minutes, waitin to hear the voice of Radio Free Opportunity's announcer. Just as you're about to turn it off in frustration, the familiar sound of the Radio Free Oppotunity DJ breaks throuh the middle of a pop song in a crash of static:

'If you've got too much crime on you rmind and too much power in your hands, then we're the radio station that's got info you need to do your worst deeds! It's Radio


RADIOOOOO! Free Opportunity coming at'cha live from our top-secret location to all you in the Rogue Isles. Now we have a long-play extended cut today fo you best of the worst to groove on. It's like the top 40 of the best of the worst! So if you got the time and you have the inclination, then be a caller and join us today on the Hit List!

With Special guest stars Wyvern!

The Legacy Chain!

And Arachnos! It's gonna be star-studded wrong doing for whoever decides to make it their business, and my beloved listeners, whoever gets their hands on the Hit List is going to find that business is very good indeed!'

You listen closely to Radio Free Opportunity's announcer as he continues to talk:

Now, those vigilante villain hunters caled Wyvern produce a yearly list of the biggest threats among the up-and-coming bad guys in the Rogue Isles. The list is worth a lot of money, both to know who they plan to target, and for the braging rights of being on top. Al the real villains out there are probably already wondering how they can get their hands on that list, right? And you are all real villains, ain't you? Well, those Wyvern types are real-tightlipped, and won't just tell you where they're compiling it if you ask. The only people they do tell are their some-time partners in crime prevention, the Legacy Chain, because they want their input on who to kep an eye on and who's realy just small change. So evil-doers of the Isles, if you want the list, the first step would be to take out the Wyvern rep meeting with the LEgacy Chain and beat where to find it ut of him. And remember tht you heard about it all here on Radio


RADIOOOOOO! Free Opportunity!'

The voice on the radio is gone again, fading back into some pop song. But you know what you need.

Part 1: Beat Wyvern Rep for info (Beat Wyvern Rep)
Office @ Cap au Diable Legacy Chain,Wyvern

There were rumours that this office is a front for the Legacy Chain. Looks like the rumours maybe true.

Objective: You caught the Wyvern Representative

ClueThe list's locations

You gave the Wyvern group's representative a thorough going-over, but he never talked. Turns out he didn't need to. You found some papers on him that tell you all you need to know. Transfers, orders, escape routes. Put it together, and it points to where this guy was operating from. If you didn't know he was involved with the Hit List, it wouldn't mean anything. But you do, so it does.

Mission Complete: You got the information you needed from the Wyvern representative.

The Radio

You hear the voice od radio Free Opportunity the momet you turn on the radio:

'No, no, no! I told you! You're called 214! You're just too late. Our lucky caller was none other than that rising star among all the fallen, Dread Tomax, one of our favourite loyal listeners. n fact, Dread Tomax's alreayd on the move. Wyvern better be ready to change that list of theirs, because Dread Tomax's already grabbing for a top place in it. And Dread Tomax, if you're listening, stay tuned for more lore to make the big score, right after a word from our sponsors here on Radio!


RADIOOOOOO Free Opportunity!'

Take the encryption programs you need from Arachnos

The Radio

The voice of Radio Free Opportunity is already talking whn you tune back in:

'We're back, and the topic of the day is Wyvern's list of the biggest and the meanest of the newest of the black masks, the Hit List. The big-big news is that one of our own, none other than Dread Tomax, is making a play for the ist. With that villain on the case, you al better be ready to bid on your copies once Dread Tomax has it safely tucked away. it ain't over yet, though. Those bad boys from Wyvern are crafty, and they're gonna have the whole thing coded up. Now if only Dread Tomax had some code-breaking software to bust Wyvern's ciphers wide open. Too bad Arachnos won't lend out any of theirs, thay can break anything up to Nemesis Army codes. Of course, if Arachnos aren't willing to give, it becomes no less than a true villain's duty to take



The voice of Radio Free Opportunity continues:

So if you're looking for those code-breaking programs, you can't just rip an Arachnos Computer out of the wall and take it home. What you need it the programs, and to get them, you need aliving (ain't that easy, guys) Arachnos Crypto-tec to access them and pull copies of the network. Oh, and that tech's going to be in a base, guarded by all kinds of Crazy Arachnos face-breakers who won't be happy to see you. That's just the kind of things you have to do if you're living a career of evil. So, get rady and get on it!'

Part 2: Force tech to get codebreakers (Kidnap technician)
Arachnos Laboratory @ Port Oakes

You force your way past the outer defenses of the Arachnos base. Now their defenders should be here in force.

Objective: You got the codebreaking programs

ClueArachnos Cryptography Programs

This disk contains Arachnos's latest code-breaking programs. They're able to crack anything short of Nemesis or Rikti encryption.

Mission Complete: You stole Arachnos's codebreaking programs.

The Radio

Radio Free Opportnity is already broadcating when you tune in:

'... and that's why it's called the word on the street. But you've got better! Yu've got the word on the airwaves with Radio


RADIOOOOOO! Free Opportunity! Now if you've beena good listener and have been paying attention, then you've probably heard that Dread Tomax is already way ahead of you, and already almost has Wyvern's hit list in hand. With the location where it's getting put together and the programs to break the codes and read it, Dread Tomax is almost there. All that's left is getting it, my loyal listeners, getting it is never easy. Tune right back in when the time is right, and get ready to hear all about it!

Steal the hit list from Wyvern

The Radio

It takes maddening minutes to find it, but suddenly the announcer's voice explodes into the middle of a rock power ballad in a blast of static:

'Tune in, power up, and break out! It's your number one station for misanthropic information, it's Radio


RADIOOOOOO! Free Opportunity! Well as all you loyal listeners know, the stage is set. Now all that's left to find out is if Dread Tomax can ake it all the way and actually get the list. You better watch out, though, Dread Tomax! Wyvern ain't going to let this go easy! And we all want to see who's at the top of that list!

Radio Free Opportunity's announcer doesn't even pause for breath, but keeps talking:

The Wyvern base in the place, but only one villain know hwere to go. And once Dread Tomax gets there, is ain't gonna e easy. The list is going to be defended, and thoe defenders are going to have to take the big fall, and that's not all. To get that list to be worth every peny, peso, and euro of dinero, it's got to be the only copy left. The only way to do that is to destroy all of Wyvern's research so that they won't be able to make another copy! So, Dread Tomax, if you're listening, you should know what to do. SO go bust some white-mask faces, because we want to hear all about it here on Radio


RADIOOOOOOO! Free Opportunity!

Part 3: Get the Hit List (Steal Lis, 3 research files, Beat Guardian)
Office @ Port Oakes

This office is nice. It won't be after you're done with it, but it's nice right now.

Objective: One more set of files destroyed.

Objective: You got the Hit List!

ClueThe Hit List

This encoded list of villains is Wyvern's best estimate of who the most dangerous new villains in the Rogue Isles are.

Objective: You defeated the list's compiler.

Mission Complete: You got the Hit List!

The Radio

As the final bids come in for the Hit List, you tune in to find Radio Free Opportunity is already playing:

'We're the ones you hear when you're making normal folks fear, it's Radio


RADIOOOOOOOOO! Free opportunity! And the talk of the day is none other than Dread Tomax. We only hope that you're enjoying those ill-goten gains, Dread Tomax. Wyverns' gonna rel from this for a while, but we all have one big big question: Dread Tomax, did you put yourself on the top of that list? C'mon, you can tell us. No, wait, you don't have to tell us a thing. f course you fif! Because you made Wyvern ut you there, because you learned about it. And it all happened because you listened to the broadcast for the outcasts, the back-beats for the beat-downers, the one, the only: Radio!


RADIOOOOOOOOOO Free Opportunity!'

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