The Book and the Burning


Notable Foes

Steal the book for Bocor

Mr. Bocor

Dread Tomax, I have need of an expedient mechanic to carry out a bit of work for me. There's a book which I have an interest in. Or really, there's a spell on a book that interests me. You see, Gadzul Oil, the owners of that oil-leaking refinery on the coast, had a long running deal with the late and lamented old man Marcone to continue their operations without any trouble.

Now that he's dead and the Family are fighting amongst themselves, the Gadzul Oil coproration has been trying to renegotiate a workable deal with one side or the other. Right now they're trying to make a deal with Emil Marcone and have sent him a little gift as a sign of goodwill: a rare book dealing with the history of the Island.

This is all unremarkable except for one thing: The book is enspelled. It makes the posessor more... pliable to those who know the right kinds of magics. If this were revealed, Gadzul would find themselves in a great deal of difficulty. And if that book were in my possession they would have to pay a great deal indeed to avoid it being revealed. All I need is an expedient person of exceptional ablity to get the book for me, in exchange for a good amount of money. Now, where could I locate such a person?

Glad I don't have to spell it out for you. You'll need to get the book, of course, and I'd also like you to curb the enthusiasm of Emil's guards in a permanent manner. We can't have them talking, it might draw unwanted attention. Proper blackmail must rely on some anonymity. Oh, and I hate to keep you any longer, but there is one last matter you should be aware of: There's a rumour that some gang from Paragon City called "The Hellions" might be interested in that book as well. Keep an eye out for them. If they cause you trouble curb their enthusiasm as well.

Part 1: Defeat all guards & steal book (Steal the book)
Office @ Port Oakes Hellions,Legacy Chain

The only work this office does is put up a front for Emil Marcone's shady backroom deals

Objective: The book isn't here, but there is a letter.

ClueA letter from Gadzul Oil

The letter is written on the stationary of the Gadzul Oil corporation. It details the history of the book Gadzul Oil presented Emil Marcone. The book was called 'The Journal of Padre Gerard Henri', and it detailed some fantastic events and adventures of Padre Henri in the Rogue Isles back in the 1600s. The letter stresses the book's rarity, age, and value, and makes a big point about how it is meant as a sign of respect for Emil and his family.

Mission Complete: The book wasn't here. It looks like the Hellions already took it.

Mr. Bocor

Well, this is a fine how-do-you-do. Here I had my dark heart set on all of that blackmail money, and now those Helions have spoilt it. Dread Tomax, i am placing you on retainer until this matter is concluded. I want that book, and I will gladly have you hurt whoever you need in order to obtain it for me.

I think I can trust you wth something a bit more dicey, Dread Tomax. You have proved your worth to me.

Crack Hellion heads to look for book

Mr. Bocor

I still want that book for my blackmail, and now that I've had time to contemplate it's absence I've thought of numerous other vile schemes and wicked deeds I can use it to perform. Therefore, I am still willing to pay you to get it for me. Now, forwarned is forarmed and all, so I had some information gathered. It would seem that these Helions are from paragon City, where they're at the very bottom of the food chain. they're demon worhsippers, and are always lookign for something that will give them an edge. Oh, and they really like fire. What I could not find out was what they're doing out here in port oakes, but they've been seen around the docks near the wreck of the Cairo Queen. No one knows why. I would suggest you start by thrashing a few of the pyromaniacal misfits to find their leaders, then aplying force to said leaders while getting the book.

The Hellions should be around the docks facing the wreck of the Cairo Queen. If you do pry any information from the ruffians, jump on it.

Part 2: Defeat Hellions for info (Defeat 10 Hellions)
Defeat X @ Port Oakes

Mission Complete: One of the beaten Hellions cracked and told you something.

Clue'That book is our ticket!'

One of the Helion punks talked under pressure. He told you:

'Padre Henri's Journal? Yea, we couldn't believe our luck! That bok's our ticket to the big time. Even now we got a guy getting ready for a big ritual. Once Duke Mordrogar decipher's it, the Hellions will be on top!'

A bit more persuasion and the Hellion thug told you where you could probably find the 'Duke Mordrogar' and the book.

Part 3: Defeat all Hellions in hideout (Find Mordrogar, Find the book)
Abandoned Warehouse @ Port Oakes

This old and unused office is now the Helion's hide-out. But not for long.

Objective: You found some of Mordrogar's notes

ClueNotes on the Ritual

While you didn't find this 'Duke' Mordrogar, you did some of his notes. These notes are written in a crazed, loopng hand. They talk about ancient horrors sealed beneath the island, and about contacting their dreadful servitors to gain power and free the beast. There are some notes about where a ritual to summon the servitor would need to take place. That should be enough to lead you to Mordrogar and the book.

Objective: You found some of Mordrogar's notes

ClueNotes on the Journal

These notes are written by the self styled 'Duke Mordrogar' in a crazed, loping hand, and ramble endlessly about the Journal of Padre Hardi. The journal talks about the incredible strok eof luck that it happened to fall into their hands so soon after they were hired to come to the Island. The 'Duke' seems obsessed with the book, and vows to keep it on his person always.

Mission Complete: You didn't find the book or this 'Duke Mordrogar', but you know where to look.

Mr. Bocor

Still no book? And now the Legacy Chain have involved themselves due to the bumbling of those Hellion fools no doubt. Well, well, well. Perhaps this 'Duke Mordrogar' character is a good lead. You may not have found him, but you've found out where he's planning that little ritual.

Which is another disturbing point. I'll look over the notes you gathered and see if the Hellions were really onto something, or are just deluded fools who were unfortunate enough to get in your way. I admit that I find the latter concept ironically delicious, but you never can be sure in this line of work. There's too much synchronicity. For example, I discovered that the Hellions were hired to come out here. A firm based in Egpt hired them to set fires in the area. Note that Gadzul Oil is also based in Egypt. All very curious, but perhaps meaningless. Perhaps not.

Defeat the Hellions and get the book back

Mr. Bocor

Before you go to get the book that has laready cost me 3 times your fe to acquire, you should be aware of something. I've looked into this 'Duke' Mordrogar's little ritual, and with the information in Padre Henri's journal, I'm astonished to discover that it just might work. Clearly, this cannot be allowed. Not only have the Hellions and this Duke Mordrogar inconvenienced my dreadful schemes, but they've dragged the Legacy Chain into this and might actually profit by it. So, I want them all crushed utterly. Ttake the book from this Mordroger, by force preferably. Destroy any opposition from those Legacy Chain gate crashers; and smash any survivors into he ittiest of bittiest of pieces. I'm certain you can handle it, and you will be well paid as always. If you wish to bring some of your fellow black masks and rogues along, please do. Why, I'd even recommend it. I'll pay their fees as well, or course.

According to that 'Duke' Mordrogar character's notes, they're going to try their ritual in some natural caves in the area. The book should be there, no doubt on Mordrogar's person. Recover it from him, or from his body, however it all takes place I don't care. And don't forget to threaten, coerce, or bribe any allies you might need. I can afford them, if they pull their weight.

Part 4: Defeat all foes in caves (Find the book)
Tunnels @ Port Oakes

There's a strong source of heat somewhere below in these caves.

Objective: 'Duke' Mordrogar kept talking, even after you'd beaten him.

Clue'I have seen the great circuit'

After you defeated him, 'Duke' Mordrogar started babling incoherently: 'I understand now. This was all arranged. Our hiring, Gadzul, the fires, Bocor and his blackmail, even you stopping us. It's a connection, that' what they wanted! I see it all now! I have seen the great circuit! The shape of the oil sees only the truth! It is the struggle! The circuit, the connection, it is all the blood of the black stream!

He just started laughing incoherently after that. You really aren't sure what he was talking about, but the mad light in his eyes made it hard to forget.

Objective: You found the journal.

ClueThe Journal of Padre Hadri

This old handwritten book is the personal journal of Padre Hardi, a jesuit priest who came to the Rogue Isles hundreds of years ago. There are lots of notes about the land and people he met there, and then the entries start to become strange, talking about a great battle on the mountain and sealing a demon away. One thing that sticks out to you is that the first few entries start right after Padre Hardi left Egypt after getting some clue about the island from a mysterious source there.

'Duke' Mordrogar [Boss]
The Hellions are at the bottom of the heap, even in Paragon City. But every so often, one of them displays some real power. The self-styled 'Duke Mordrogar' is one of the few Hellions who display some level of real poweer even without making an unfavourable contract with a demon. This has given him an inflated ego, and an ambitious drive.

Mission Complete: You got the journal of Padre Hardi!

Mr. Bocor

Ah, the book. And I trust that you made sure everyone else involved in opposition to us has been duly censured through extreme violence? Excellent. Well, it took some time and quite a bit more expense on your fees, but it was al worth it. Where to begin? Blackmail first, or corruption? Corruption or blackmail? Ah, these are decisions that make this way of life truly satisfying to me. When one is free to pick the evils one truly desires, that is the delight of a wicked life. Thank you again, Dread Tomax. You've been quite an asset to my vile works and, what's the word... depredations? Yes, depredations works for me. I'll be seeing you.

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