The Loa Bone


Temporary Powers

Loa Bone Loa Bone
Summon Zombie

Mission Index

Retrieve the Loa Bone

Mr. Bocor

Good day, Dread Tomax. Certain recent actions by a group known as the Legacy Chain have caused me aggravation. They believed that I possessed something that they construed as 'evil', and so liberated it from my possession. Said item is near and dear to my heart and so I would like a talented soul to get it back for me. Retrieve the Loa Bone from the Legacy Chain and bring it back to me.

If you find the Loa Bone, by all means, give it a try. It'll be sure to raise your spirits!

Part 1: Retrieve the Loa Bone (Defeat Arcanist Wistan)
Office @ Port Oakes Legacy Chain

You notice runes etched into the doorway of this otherwise pristine office.

Mission Complete: You have found the Loa Bone!

ClueLoa Bone

You found the Loa Bone, an artifact belonging to Mr. Bocor.

Bone Collector
Awarded for completing the mission
Mr. Bocor

Most excellent, Dread Tomax. Let me awaken the spirits within the Loa Bone... there! Take the Loa Bone for yourself - it will return to me when you are done with it.

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