The Traitorous Vendetti Retainer


  • CategoryAccomplishment Badge
  • IntroducedIssue 6
  • ContactsAngelo Vendetti (Port Oakes)
  • Level Range5 - 10
  • Badge Stone Cold You took out a filthy traitor to the Port Oakes Vendetti Family.
  • Badge Mook Capo Da Mooks are on your side.

Notable Foes

Hurt the traitorous Vendetti retainer

Angelo Vendetti

Let me tell you about a particular man, Dread Tomax. A man who has spent his entire life serving my family. A man who has been loyal, and kept our secrets. A man who has helped us in our quest for vengeance. Such a man would be well honoured and well paid, would he not? He would have a position of power within my family, even though he was not a member of it. Such a man I would think of as family. Such a man I might have even called my own uncle.

Now, imagine if that man were to betray you and your family for money. Imagine if that man sold out the enemies of the people that had raised him out of the dirt. Such a man exists, and he is called Niles Worthington, and I want you to hurt him for this treachery. Hurt him badly. Hurt him worse than he has hurt us.

Niles Worthington betrayed the Vendetti family for money. If that wasn't bad enough, he betrayed us to the Council, our very enemies. Finish him off. Take him out. Crush him completely. I don't even want to know what he has to say for himself. I just want him dealt with.

Part 1: Deal with Niles Worthington (Crush Niles Worthington)
Council base @ Port Oakes Council

This is the place Angelo told you about. The target's somewhere inside.

Objective: After Niles' defeat, you found some interesting papers on him.

ClueA medical report on janice Worthington

You found this folder of documentson the body of Niles Worthington. They seem to be medical reports on his niece, Janice Worthington. Seems the young girl had some weird disease, but the Vendetti's weren't willing to pay for her expensive treatments. You can only guess that Niles decided to find funding another way. His mistake.

Niles Worthington [Boss]
Whatever his reasons, Niles Worthington has betrayed the Vendetti family to the Council, their most hated enemies. In return, the Vendettis have put quite a price on his head.

Mission Complete: You defeated Niles Worthington, and left his body in the Council base.

Stone Cold
Awarded for completing the mission
Mook Capo
Awarded for completing the mission
Angelo Vendetti

Good work. Niles hurt me and my family badly when he betrayed us. Now you've made him pay for it, and you have my thanks. Oh, and the niece? Don't worry about her. We'll take her in. We'll pay for all the doctors she needs. Then we will mae her into a weapon against the Council. And when she dies carrying out our revenge, then, and only then, will Niles' transgression be fully repaid.

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