Arson at Arachnos


Defeat all Hellions in base


Normally I just take care of Snakes around Darwin's landing, but occasionally I look into other matters for Arachnos. I just got word that a gang of Hellions just attacked a local Arachnos base, setting it on fire. Head over to the base and take down the Hellions responsible.

You have 75 minutes to complete this mission before the bae collapses from the fire ad the Hellions escape.

Those Hellions think they're showing off, but they're just being annoying. Swat them down.

Part 1: Defeat all Hellions in base - 1:15:00
Laboratory @ Mercy Island Hellions

A wave of heat hits you as you enter the door. The Hellions have been busy.

Objective: You found a clue

Mission Complete: You have defeated the Hellion gangers!


The Hellions were searching for magic artifacts? Those guys are idoits! The local Arachnos base ain't got no magic! Anything magic found around here is shipped off to Fort Cerebus or Ghost Widow's tower!

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