Eliminate the Infected


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Eliminate the Infected


Are you familiar with the lowly creatures known as the Infected? They've been subsisting off the water from th cesspool trenches, and it's made them a bit of a problem. many of them have gained enormous strength; in addition, they seem to have lost all sense and reason. There are a number of them massin in a warehouse nearby. Someone has to eliminate them, and I want that someone to be you. It'll give me an idea of whether you are worthy of further tests.

These creatures have proved themselves unfit for Arachnos' great future, and as a result they must be culled. Don't let this happen to you, Dread Tomax. Remember, I am alwys watching you.

Part 1: Eliminate the Infected
Warehouse @ Mercy Island Infected

You hear gushing water from somewhere below.

Mission Complete: You have eliminated the Infected.


You're showing me something about yourself. You're showing me your power, but also your willingness to do what it takes to maximize that power. I sense fantastic potential within you, Dread Tomax. You could well be one of those special people we seek.

Of course, Arachnos is full of people with potential, but not all of those people can survive the brutal politicking and backstabbing that make life within this organization such a unique challenge. Only the Arbiters are immune for such troubles. For lesser lights such as you and I, the best we can do is keep on our guard.

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