Snake hole


Jump down a Snake hole


Your next task will be to dive head first into one of the most dangerous places on this rock: a Snake hole. Come out alive, and I'll know you're worth watching. But be warned: not everyone seeking a great destiny survives, Dread Tomax. Some find themselves crushed to fine powder by the weight of their own mediocrity.

The biggest, nastiest Snake in the immediate vicinity goes by the name Sapphus. Find him, defeat him, and you may find a future within Arachnos as well.

Part 1: Defeat Sapphus & his guards
Snake Cavern @ Mercy Island Snakes

You head the sound of serpentine scales scraping these cold, damp floors.

Mission Complete: You have defeated the Snakes!


So, you have faced the Snakes and lived to tell the tale. Perhaps there is a place for you within Arachos' future, Dread Tomax. I must test you further.

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