Mother Mayhem


Notable Foes

  • Mission #1: Mother Mayhem, Arch-Villain (Praetorians)

Stop Mother Mayhem

Maria Jenkins

On our world, Sister Psyche's one of the nicest women I know. But on Praetorian Earth, her alter-ego is known as Mother Mayhem. Rather than use her psychic powers for good, Mother Mayhem uses them to drive people insane! She triggers the rage center in their brains, turning them into deranged killing machines. I've got an urgent report from portal Corporation; Mother Mayhem and a slew of her 'patients' have just beamed into a downtown area called Waxahachie Park. You've got to get over there and stop Mother Mayhem! Otherwise, the Waxahachie occupants may wind up dead! You only have 2 hours to deal with the situation!.

You'll need to take the Light Rail to get to Waxahachie Park. Remember, Mother Mayhem's minions are really just victims of her evil mind-control. Stop them, but don't do them harm.

Part 1: Defeat all villains in area
Instanced Outdoor [Steel Canyon] @ Waxahachie Park Praetorians

You're shocked to realize that the wild, animal howls you hear actually come from human throats.

Mother Mayhem [Arch-Villain]
This twisted psion is Tyrants closest advisor and possibly his biggest threat as well. She is organized and has large numbers of minions she has driven to her particular brand of insanity in her special asylums.

Mission Complete: You defeated Mother Mayhem.

Maria Jenkins

The police rounded up Mother Mayhem's minions and took them to the asylum. The doctors there hope that after a few weeks away from Mother Mayhem's influence, those poor people may start to regain their sanity. I'd say you did a good thing not just for Paragon City, but for the oppressed people of Praetorian Earth as well.

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