Malaise & the Rikti


Notable Foes

Stop the battle between Malaise and the Rikti

Maria Jenkins

The Rikti and the Praetorians may have the same goals in mind, but that doesn't make them friends. On the contrary. The Praetorians want to conquer Earth for themselves, so they're as interested in beating back the Rikti as we are. One of the Praetorians has cooked up an inenious scheme for weakening the Rikti; Malaise plans to use some sort of drug to revert the converted Lost back to a more human state. He hopes to pit them against their Rikti masters and create chaos in the Rikti ranks.

As we speak, Malaise's forces are moving in on a Rikti base in the sewers. I need you to get to the sewers and stop the battle. Damage to the sewer system is a real health hazard, and there's also the risk that Malaise will reinforce his army with the converted Lost.

Malaise has the power to inflict his madness on others; most of his minions are deranged and unstable, just like the Lost themselves. In fact, if he manages to revert some of the Rikti converts to their Lost state, they should fit right into his army.

Part 1: Defeat all villains in sewer (4 drug stashes to confiscate)
Sewers @ Independence Port Rikti,Praetorians

The gibbering voices of Malaise's crazed minions bounce eerily off the sewer walls.

Malaise [Arch-Villain]
On Praetorian Earth the villain Malaise was never counseled by Sister Psyche, instead he was one of the 'patients' at one of Mother Mayhem's facilities. With the ability to control his madness and inflict it on others, he quickly rose to a position as her favourite.

Mission Complete: You stopped the battle in the sewers.

ClueMutagenic drugs

Malaise planned to use these drugs to reverse the mutations of the Lost who have become full-fledged Rikti. By converting these people back into the Lost, malaise hoped to cause chaos within the Rikti ranks and perhaps create new soldiers to swell his army.

Maria Jenkins

It's disturbing how twisted Malaise's minions really are. I can't help but feel sorry for them; after all, they were ordinary people until Malaise got his hooks into them. At least you prevented him from converting the Rikti into more followers for his cause.

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