Shadowhunter's Lair


Notable Foes

  • Mission #1: Shadowhunter, Arch-Villain (Praetorians)

Go to Shadowhunter's lair and consecrate the bones

Maria Jenkins

Portal Corporation has located the stronghold of the Praetorian villain called Shadowhunter. It's a wooded thicket, where the bones of Shadowhunter's victims are kept, unburied and unconsecrated. Shadowhunter and his wolves draw their power from those bones, and from the restless spirits tied to them. If you could go to Shadowhunter's lair and consecrate the bones, you'll free the spirits of his victims. each spirit you free will weaken Shadowhunter and his minions.

There's a catch, though. If you don't manage to complete your mission quickly, Shadowhunter's wolves may get a chance to hide them. Then we'll never break his power. You only have 1 hour.

This may be a tactical strike, but it's also a mission of mercy. You'll be freeing many trapped and miserable spirits.

Here's a bottle of holy water. Use it sparingly, Red Tomax; from what I understand, Shadowhunter has many victims.

ClueHoly Water

This flask of water has been blessed by Father Hanrahan, one of Paragon City's many priests. By sprinkling it over the bones of Shadowhunter's victims, you can weaken the villain's power.

Part 1: Defeat Shadowhunter & his wolves - 1:00:00 (15 bones to consecrate)
Instanced Outdoor [Forest] @ Peregrine Island (Portal) Praetorians

Objective: You freed a trapped spirit and weakened Shadowhunter!

Shadowhunter [Arch-Villain]
Infused with the fury of the Wild Hunt, Shadowhunter roams with his Pack, cutting down everything in his path. He loathes humanity for the most part and his alliance with Tyrant is an uneasy one at best. It is held together by the fact that Tyrant cares nothing for the wilderness and is happy to give it over to Shadowhunter. If Tyrant ever begins to strip the land for resources, things will quickly unravel.

Mission Complete: You defeated Shadowhunter and consecrated the bones of his victims.

Maria Jenkins

Good work, Red Tomax. It'll take Shadowhunter a long time to recoup the power you took from him. I suspect we won't be hearing from him for a while!

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