Nemesis' Trap


  • CategoryOther
  • ContactsMaxwell Christopher (Founders' Falls)
  • Level Range40 - 45
  • Badge Unveiler You have shown great endurance in tackling the fake Nemesis robots time and time again, in your search for the real Nemesis.

Walk into Nemesis' trap to throw him off the trail

Maxwell Christopher

The information you found has been golden, Red Tomax, but it's not going to be worth a damn if Nemesis figures out that we have it. If he knew about the records you found, then he could cover his tracks and all of that work would be wasted. So, I'm going to have to ask you to do something so that we can keep Nemesis in the dark about what we know. I won't lie to you; it's going to be dangerous. If you say yes, you'll have to walk into a Nemesis trap, but it may throw him off the trail.

Okay, the set-up's pretty simple. Nemesis is getting suspicious about the high success rate against his plans recently, so he's set up a fake base and dropped a lot of subtle hints about it's location. If I didn't have the records you found, I wouldn't even suspect that this was a trap, but with them I can tell that the place was built way too recently for it to truly be a super weapon development center. All you have to do is take out the base commander, just like in a real attack. That won't be easy, because Nemesis has this place full of deadly weapons and agents ready to hurt you badly. Take teammates for this one. Take a lot of teammates if you can.

Part 1: Defeat leader of trap base
Laboratory @ Skyway City Nemesis

Knowing that this is a trap doesn't lessen the danger in here. Nemesis will pull out all of the stops in this place.

Mission Complete: You have succeeded and survived Nemesis' trap.

A larger than normal number of Fake Nemesis spawn in this mission.
Maxwell Christopher

There were how many of those fake Nemesis in there? You fought like a champion out there today, Red Tomax. Nemesis must really have a block in his smokestacks over this, you just cost him like half a billion! At this rate, we may defeat him through bankruptcy.

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