Crey Surveillance


Go to the Rikti Crash Site and stop the Crey surveillance

Janet Kellum

I've been hearing reports of Crey setting up illegal surveillance equipment over in Rikti Crash Site. My guess is that they want to record the peacekeeping activities of heroes like yourself. If they can get a better idea of your habits and weaknesses, they could use that information against you. I want you to get over to the Rikti Crash Site and stop the Crey surveillance.

With great knowledge comes great power. That's what makes Crey such a formidable opponent. You should try looking for them near Point du Hoc or the Sunken Road.

Part 1: Combat Crey in Crash Site (Defeat 45 Crey)
Defeat X @ Rikti Crash Site Crey

Mission Complete: You have discouraged the Crey agents from conducting illegal surveillance in the Rikti Crash Site.

Janet Kellum

Good work, Red Tomax. Crey will think twice about spying on others, now that they know you're keeping an eye on them.

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