Run a patrol for Praetorian activity

Maria Jenkins

Ever since the Praetorians first set eyes on our dimension, they've wanted it for their own. it's only through the constant vigilance of heroes like yourself that Peregrine Island, the heart of Portal Corporation, is kept safe. If the Praetorians manage to take over Portal Corp. we'll have no defense against their dimensional incursions. I'd like you to run a sweep through Peregrine Island and make sure there's no Praetorian activity going on.

If you see anything, and I mean anything, we need to know about it.

Part 1: Patrol, watch for Praetorians
Patrol @ Peregrine Island

Mission Complete: You have ensured Peregrine Island's safety.

Maria Jenkins

Thanks for doing your part to keep Peregrine Island safe. Make no mistake about it, if the Praetorians ever manage to mount an invasion, Peregrine Island will be ground zero. It's up to heroes like you to make sure they can't get a foothold on the area.

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