Nemesis Rex


Notable Foes

Stop the battle between Nemesis Army factions and make sure no innocents get hurt

Maxwell Christopher

There are lots of reports coming out right now about Nemeis Army soldiers fighting each other. These aren't exercises, either; when these fights break out it's total wat between the two sides. Nemesis' troops are normally a well disciplined machine, so I can't imagine what could be causing a rift among them, or why Nemesis would allow it to persist. There has to be more going on here. Either way, innocent people who get caught between the factions are getting hurt and that can't be allowed to happen. I've just recieved a report of a battle brewing in downtown Paragon City. I want you to stop the battle and make sure no innocents get hurt.

You'l want to take the Light Rail downtown. I've asked for an emergency force field to be set up around the area, but, even with the violence contained, there are lives at stake.

Part 1: Protect people from Nemesis war (4 endangered citizens to save)
Instanced Outdoor [Steel Canyon] @ Malachi Office Park Nemesis

Broken glass and bullet casings litter the street.

Mission Complete: Everyone's safe, but the papers you found leave you with more questions. You should confront Nemesis troops for more answers.

ClueStolen orders

These orders are written in English, but with a slightly different alphabet. You can still make piece out that the orders seem to come from a source called 'Nemesis Rex', and they detail operations against the Nemesis Army. It seems more like part of a war of conquest than a civil war within Nemesis' ranks.

Part 2: Defeat Nemesis soldiers for info (Defeat 50 Nemesis)
Defeat X

Mission Complete: You've pieced together enough information from defeated Nemesis Army soldiers to understand what's going on.

Part 3: Get dimensional coordinates (Find dimensional coordinates)

The interior of this building has been modified to make a forward base for the forces of Nemesis Rex.

Mission Complete: The dimensional coordinates you found in the Nemesis Rex base seem legitimate, but will require verification.

ClueDr. Kelerfield's information

After you rescued Dr. Kelly Kellerfield from the Nemesis Rex forces, he told you:

'You heroes are jus tlike my grandfather told me. The world I'm from, there are no heroes, just slaves beneath the heel of Nemesis Rex. I'm a dimensional physicist. Nemesis rex has been researching dimensional travel ever since your Nemesis found our world and the two fought. I feel responsible for helping Nemesis Rex in his research, but you have to understand, he had my family hostage. Kendra's dead now, but I can get my revenge on Nemesis rex by helping you. I'll give you the location of our dimension, right down to where our portal generators are.'

'Now I hope you don't mind, but I have no plans of ever going back to that soul-crushing prison of a world.'

Part 4: Ask Tina to verify coordinates
Delivery @ Peregrine Island
Tina Macintyre

I've checked over the coordinates. We haven't sent a probe through, but they do appear to be real. Now that we know what to look for, we've found several dimensional transits that might originate from that place as well. Dr. Kellerfield's been very helpful to us as well, fillign in details about their dimensional transit array. I think that we should be able to cut off their dimension, but we'll need to shut down their portals before their next mass transit, or else they may be able to keep their end open. Unfortunately, those modifications will have to be done over in their world.

You'll need to travel to the home dimension of this Nemesis Rex and alter his portal emitters, Red Tomax. I can only hope that you're up to the task.

CluePortal alterations

These insructions tell you how to alter portal devices to disrupt the corridors between dimensions.

Part 5: Disrupt portal devices (6 portal devices to adjust)
Laboaratory @ Peregrine Island

You hear the soft whirring of Nemesis Rex's high tech gadgets.

Objective: You have adjusted one of the portal devices.

Objective: You have destroyed this stockpile of weaponry.

Objective: You adjusted one of the portal devices.

Objective: You adjusted one of the portal devices.

Nemesis Rex [Arch-Villain]
Nemesis has had over 100 years to perfect his armour and his combat skills. He is a formidable, and wily, opponent.

Mission Complete: The portal devices have been altered. You need to leave before the gateway is closed forever!

Maxwell Christopher

Portal Corporation is pretty certain that Nemesis Rex's world has been cut off for good, or at leats until we want to open the connection again. I feel kind of bad for the people there. According to Dr. Kellerfield, it didn't sound like a great place to live. It does make you thnk about all that we've done, though. I've spent my whole career working against Nemesis. Sometimes it's felt impossible or futile, but I guess the fact that Nemesis Rex existed there and not here shows that it wasn't a waste, you know? I wonder, though, how many other worlds have been conquered by their version of Nemesis?

Version of Nemesis?

Ah, hell.

Hey, Red Tomax, I just had a tought: What if we were just used? What if we've just done Nemesis' dirty work for him? I mean, think about it. Our Nemesis knew about Nemesis Rex, right? A rival with nearly his own power, and with more resources. So what if he set us up to take Nemesis Rex out? Plans within plans are Nemesis' speciality. What if we were just caught in one? We did the right thing either way, I suppose. I just hate to think of Nemesis gloating about it.

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