Nemesis' Rail Network


Get samples of thoe rail tracks and have them analyzed

Maxwell Christopher

I've been going through these old business records you dug up on Nemesis' front companies, and I've noticed something odd. It looks like Nemesis was heavily invetsing in companies that produced railroad tracks for decades, starting during the second world war and continuing until the late 90's. He went out of his way to make sure that his tracks were used in any majot rail project. That's more than a little suspicious in my book. After the Rikti War he gutted the companies and let them fail, but I found an old warehouse that might still hold samples of those rails. I'd like you to get samples of those rail tracks and have them analyzed.

Nemesis still owns the warehouse through other front companies, so there may be opposition on site. you just need to get me a sample of those railroad tracks. Nemesis doesn't work to corner a market on something like that without a more sinister reason. Once you have a sample, take it to Anton Sampson over in Founders' Falls for analysis. I've worked with Anton before when I needed to decipher Nemesis' technology.

Part 1: Get track sample (Find track sample)
Abandoned warehouse @ 'Crey's Folly' Nemesis

You don't know what to expect in here, but the key to a mystery is somewhere in this place.

Objective: You found a strange railroad track cross section.

ClueStrange railroad tracks

Though this section of railroad track looks normal, a cross section reveals not only a strange series of layers made of weird alloys, but what appears to be circuitry imprinted throughout the length of the rail.

Mission Complete: You found a strange section of rail track. You must take it to Anton Sampson for analysis.

Part 2: Take the sample to Anton Sampson
Delivery @ Founders' Falls
Anton Sampson

I've done an analysis of the track segemtn you brought. It's really something else. They look like railroad tracks, and will carry a train, but they have another purpose. They can be manipulated to send out signals that can interfere with electromagnetic activity. With the right tuning, they could take over electronics, or even potentially overwhelm brain activity. You'd need a vast amount of this stuff laid out in a network for it to be of any use, though. Like, say, a railroad network.

old on, I have a call from Maxwell Christopher.

yea, Red Tomax is right here.
Yeah, that sounds like the kind of equipment.
I just don't think it was finished.
Okay. No, it's not worth the risk. I agree.

All right, I have another mission for you. I don't know how he's getting this information, but your friend gave me a location for you to strike. He says it's probably the command center for this network. I don't think the project was finished, or Nemesis would have used it, but I'm in agreement that we can't take the chance. You're to go to this location, take out the base, and look for any kind of outline of the network. Good luck.

Part 3: Defeat all in rail center (Find a rail map)
Laboratory @ Perez Park

Though any legitimate businesses are long gone from this old building, Nemesis has remodeled a section of this place as a control center for his mind controlling rail network.

Objective: You found a map of the Nemesis controlled sections of the railroad network on this computer.

ClueA map of the rail network

This map is a complete chart of America's railrad system, showing which parts of the railroads use Nemesis' augmented rail tracks. You notice that there are a number of gaps with completion dates, leaving section of Nemesis' network cut off. Still, there are thousands of miles of Nemesis' altered rail tracks all over the country.

Mission Complete: You have taken the control center and found a map fo Nemesis' rail network.

Maxwell Christopher

As far as I can tell, Nemesis never finished the rail network to his satisfaction. If it had been operational, he could have used the special tracks to send signals to override mental functions. Electric brainwashing, and it could have fried any electronics in the world. Pretty terrifying.

I've studied Nemesis. My entire career, most of my life really; I've studied him. I know him as well as canyone can. What you have to remember is that Nemesis really thinks that he's a good guy. He thinks the world will be a better place under his 'benevolent' rule. So he doesn't want a nation of mindless drones. He wants people to love him of their own free will. Like pets. The command center's only record of him using it at all was during the Rikti War, probably to help kill troublesome heroes or protect his own bases.

This is going to take billions of dollars to clean up, but that's better than leaving it in his arsenal. This may have just been a back-up weapon as far as Nemsis was concerned, but it was a gun at the temple of every free mind on Earth.

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