Rikti Automatons


Defeat one of Nemesis' Rikti Automatons and bring back the evidence

Maxwell Christopher

These records you found are incredible, they've helped me put together so many of my suspicions about Nemesis' plans. it's not evidence, though, and that's what I want to talk to you about. You know that Nemesis uses robotic duplicates to infiltrate enemy groups, right? Well, the records you found seem to confirm that one of his infiltration projects has been targeted against the Rikti.

It's a wild thought, but if anyone could do it, it would be Nemesis. The problem is, until one of those imposter Rikti gets brought in, I don't have any evidence that I can take to my superiors. I've been able to track down where some of these Rikti automatons are likely to be. I just need someone to defeat one of Nemesis' Rikti Automatons and bring back the evidence.

I've marked a good place to go looking for one of those automatons.

Part 1: Defeat automaton & nearby Rikti
Caverns @ Dark Astoria Nemesis

The Rikti have grown accustomed to quickly setting up makeshift bases anywhere they can. It looks like these caves have been used as staging areas before.

Mission Complete: You destroyed the Rikti automaton and gathered the debris

ClueDebris from a Rikti automaton

These parts and pieces were originally part of a Nemesis' Rikti imposter automaton. The engineering work is incredible, allowing this robot to perfectly mimic a Rikti soldier in every way. As you examine the parts, you have to wonder just how extensive Nemesis' knowledge of the Rikti truly is.

Maxwell Christopher

That Rikti imposter was amazing, and not just because it looked indistinguishable from a normal Rikti. Think about it: As far as we know, the Rikti communicate with some kind of artifical telepathy. So for the imposter to be able to pass itself off as a real Rikti, that means that Nemesis must not only understand their language, but also have a way to replicate Rikti artificial telepathy! It's the only way.

I was expecting that, though. I didn't tell you before because I wasn't 100% sure, but these records you found hint that Nemesis was working on an imposter Rikti almost 10 years ago, long before the war.

That's something to think about, huh?

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