Doomsday Device


Get the doomsday device out of Nemesis' grasp

Maxwell Christopher

I got something from the Portal Corporation explorers across my desk. Seems that one of their exploration teams was trying to regain contact with a friendly dimension, but instead found a nearby abandoned world that was being overrun by Devouring Earth creatures. They also found a Nemesis Army expedition who were there to retrieve the doomsday device that had killed 70% of that world's population. The explorers couldn't stop the Nemesis expedition, but they got back alive and told what they saw.

That's where you and I come in. If Nemesis has some kind of doomsday device weapon powerful enough to wipe out most of a world's population, we can't let him keep it. The records you found an reports of Nemesis Army activity have helped me pinpoint where they might be keeping that thing. All that left is for you to get the doomsday device out of Nemesis' grasp and get it to safety for analysis.

It's hard for me to even imagine a device that could snuff out 70% of the people in the world. Nemesis can't be allowed to have that kind of power. Once you've got the device, take it to Dr. Steven Sheridan. I'm sure he'll have some valuable insights.

Part 1: Get the doomsday device! (Find the Doomsday Device!)
Laboratory @ Steel Canyon Nemesis

Nemesis has built this high tech lab in hidden caverns deep within the Earth. you hate to imagine the dreadful experiments that have been conducted here.

Objective: You found the doomsday device.

ClueThe Neurophagic Disruptor

The complex circuitry covering this fragile-looking sphere is burned out from the one time it was ever used. That one use was enough to burn out the mind of every living human being in a split second. This half-fused sphere in your hand is almost too much to imagine. This is a doomsday device.

Mission Complete: You located and secured the doomsday device. You now need to take it to Dr. Steven Sheridan for analysis.

Part 2: Deliver device to Dr. Sheridan
Delivery @ Brickstown
Steven Sheridan

I've concluded my analysis, Red Tomax, and I must say that I'm rather shocked by the results. One of the mysterious we'd been trying to understand is what happened on that world? Who would have set off a device with so catastrophic a result? I now think we know. This Neurophagic disruptor is Nemesis technology. It's burned out and useless now, but I can say with near certainty that this was made by Nemesis. I doubt he'd be able to make another one, as there isn't enough of the required iridium isotope on our planet, but that's small consolation to the people of that ruined world.

This also coincides with observations our explorers have made, and your friend Maxwell Christopher has confirmed. Nemesis Army forces from our world seem to be setting up a beachhead or perhaps a colony on that now abandoned world. I'd hate to see that monster profit from all of this tragedy. We can open a portal to that world again, and over there you should be able to cut off Nemesis' access to that dimension. I'll call Portal Corporation and set the whole thing up. They'll need to construct a force field around a small portion of that world, in order to keep it stably linked to our own.

CluePortal alterations

These instructions tell you how to alter portal devices to disrupt the corridors between dimensions.

Part 3: Alter portal devices (6 portal devices to adjust)
Insanced Outdoor [Dark Astoria] @ Peregrine Island [Portal Corp]

The once bright buildings of this world are now hanging in rags.

Objective: You adjusted one of the portal devices.

Objective: You adjusted one of the portal devices.

Objective: You have destroyed this stockpile of Nemesis Army weaponry.

Objective: You have destroyed this stockpile of supplies for the Nemesis Army.

Objective: You adjusted one of the portal devices.

Mission Complete: You sealed off access to this dimension.

Maxwell Christopher

Nemesis almost had an entire world to use as a base of operations, Red Tomax. No doubt he was planning for the long term. What really sickens me is that he was willing to kill so many people to do it.

It got me thinking: why he didn't just threaten to use that device here? From the records you found, it looks like he was planning this for some time. I think I figured out why he chose that world, too. According to Portal Corporation files, through some twist of fate the population of that world was mostly of African descent. To Nemesis, their skin color alone made the lot of them less than human. That monster probably didn't think twice about murdering them.

That's what Nemesis is, Red Tomax. That's the kind of evil we're figting against.

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