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Attack Nemesis' forces to distract them

Maxwell Christopher

Your recent successes against Nemesis have things a little hot. Nemesis forces are watching what you're doing, but that could actually be a good thing. I've sent another hero on an investigation based on the old business records you found a while back. Thing is, she could use a little coer to distract Nemesis, and that's where you can help. If you could attack Nemesis' forces to distract them, you could provide cover for that other investigation by drawing their attention to yourself.

Any move you make against Nemesis Army forces will be percieved as significant, so you won't have to do much other than fight them. And I know you can handle that. Good luck.

Part 1: Distract Nemesis forces (Defeat 45 Nemesis)
Defeat X

Mission Complete: You've successfully distracted Nemesis for long enough.

Maxwell Christopher

I think you can relax for a bit. The operation's done, and Nemesis didn't know anything until it was too late. I got a lot of interesting information out of it, which should complement what you've already gathered. I'm finally starting to get a complete picture of the full scope of Nemesis' organization. Maybe I should be afraid, but really, I just feel eager to break it all down.

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