Fight Nemesis' Forces


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Fight Nemesis' forces to keep up the pressure

Maxwell Christopher

Nemesis' troops have been getting nervous lately. A lot of their morale relies on the feeling of being invincible they get from working for Nemesis, and you've really had a few too many successes against them lately for the to feel invincible lately. I'd like you to keep that pressure up. I don't have anything intricate right now, though, so I'd like you to put pressure on Nemesis' forces the old-school way. Find them, confront them, and defeat them.

It's really simple: just take out Nemesis Army forces wherever you find them. They'll get the message whereever you go and do it.

Part 1: Fight Nemesis Army (Defeat 45 Nemesis)
Defeat X

Mission Complete: You've successfully put pressure on Nemesis' forces.

Maxwell Christopher

I just got a call from the home office, Red Tomax. A platoon of Nemesis soldiers just gave themselves up. That's never happened before. Ever. It's completely unprecedented in Nemesis' entire history. It may be part of a larger Nemesis plot, but on the one-in-a-hundred chance it's real, this is incredible, and we owe it to you.

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