Stop Carnival Thefts


Stop the Carnival's thefts

Madeleine Casey

The Carnival has come up with a clever way of meeting expenses over in Peregrine Island. They pickpocket the citizens in broad daylight, then erase all memory of the thefts! Let me tell you, that makes it hard for the police to take a statement. I want these brazen thefts stopped, Red Tomax, and I think you can do it. Are you willing to lend a hand?

The Carnival's antics are at their worst in Nelson Borough and Bayside Docks. But the whole zone could use a good clearing out.

Part 1: Combat Carnival in Peregrine (Defeat 45 Carnies)
Defeat X @ Peregrine Island

Mission Complete: You have discouraged the Carnival's thefts in Peregrine Island.

Madeleine Casey

Thanks, Red Tomax. You did good work out there. The citizens of Peregrine Island can walk the streets in safety again, and the Carnival is short a few minions.

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