Close down the Carnival show


Close down the Carnival's show

Madeleine Casey

I've got word that the Carnival is up to their usual tricks over in Peregrine Island. They're manipulating the people over there, making them perform for their amusement. Most of the time they only toy with people, but every once in a while, someone winds up hurt. I need you to get over there and close down the Carnival's show.

You can usually find the Carnival near Bayside Docks or Curry Cove. But I'm sure any neighborhood in the zone could use your assistance.

Part 1: Combat Carnival in Peregrine (Defeat 45 Carnies)
Defeat X @ Peregrine Island

Mission Complete: You discouraged the Carnival from manipulating the citizens of Peregrine Island.

Madeleine Casey

Thanks for taking care of that Carnival problem over in Peregrine Island. As I'm sure you know, the safety of Paragon citizens is of utmost importance to me. But their dignity deserves protection as well.

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