The Famous Track Star


Rescue Samson Grey from the Carnival

Madeleine Casey

Have you heard of Samson Grey, the famous track star? His agent just called me. Samson's gone missing, and the only clue was a floppy harlequin hat. You know what that means! The carnival has Samson Grey, and I need you to go and rescue him!

Samson's a fine young man in the prime of his life. I'd ate to see anything happen to him.

Part 1: Defeat all carnies in warehouse
Warehouse @ Brickstown Carnival of Shadows

This warehouse is one of many the Carnival has purchased and renovated.

Mission Complete: You defeated the Carnival of Shadows.

Madeleine Casey

After you brought Samson into custody, the doctors examined him. Red Tomax, it's the craziest thing! He can move, he can walk, he can even fight! But he isn't breathing. He's got no pulse, and his skin is ice cold. Red Tomax, I don't think thos strong men are the Carnival's servants at all! I think they're reanimated corpses!

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