A Hand of Iron


Prevent the Freakshow from making off with the electronics

Wilma Peterson

The Freakshow have broken into a warehouse full of electronic parts, which they no doubt plan to use for their cybernetic enhancements. If you get over there right now, you may be just in time to prevent the Freakshow from making off with the electronics.

Our informants are the only thing keeping us in step with the Freakshow.

Part 1: Bust electronics thief, his crew
Warehouse Freakshow

Smashed bottles and bad techno music betray the presence of the Freakshow.

Objective: You recovered some stolen electronics equipment.

Mission Complete: You have defeated the Freakshow.

Wilma Peterson

With my information and your skill, we certainly shut the Freakshow down.

Patrol the area and prevent the Freakshow assaults

Wilma Peterson

The freakshow have increased their activity in one of my patrol zones. It seems they're targeting specific business folk for assault. I need you to patrol the area and prevent the Freakshow assaults.

This kind of activity hurts the economy of Paragon City, Red Tomax.

Part 2: Patrol Talos Island for Freaks (Visit 5 locations)
Patrol @ Talos Island Freakshow
Wilma Peterson

Thanks for stopping those Freakshow assaults, Red Tomax. If we let the Freaks intimidate Paragon City's businessmen, they may well achieve the anarchy they crave.

Hey, Red Tomax, I got a message from a friend of mine, Detective Rondel Jackson. Your recent Freakshow encounters have put one of his undercover agents in jeopardy. It seems the Freaks are beginning to suspect they have a mole, simply because you often happen to be at the right place at the right time.

Cull the numbers of the Freakshow

Wilma Peterson

We need to divert suspicion from that undercover agent who inflitrated the Freakshow. I want you to go cull the numbers of Freakshow. If you start taking on Freaks at random, they may begin to realize that you don't have inside information about their activities.

If this doesn't work, Det. Jackson may have a hard time pulling his man out of there.

Part 3: Divert suspicion from mole (Defeat 20 Freakshow)
Defeat x @ Any Freakshow

Mission Complete: You found a list f names on one of the Freakshow you defeated.

ClueList of Names

You recovered this list of names from the body of one of the Freakshow members you defeated.

Wilma Peterson

One of the Freaks was carrying this list? Hmm. I don't recognize any of the names, but I'll ask Det. Jackson. Maybe the list has something to do with that undercover agent he placed among the Freakshow.

Take the list to Det. Rondel Jackson

Wilma Peterson

This list of names you found on the Freakshow may mean something to Det. Rondel Jackson. Would you take the list to Jackson? I need to hear his take on it.

Hopefully, Jackson will be able to make some sense of those names.

Part 4: Deliver list to Det. Jackson
Delivery @ Independence Port
Rondel Jackson

Hmm, it looks like the Freaks put together a list of possible moles in their operation. Wait a minute! This guy, that's our undercover cop! His code name is Iron Hand. Thanks, Red Tomax, I will try to pull him out of there right away.

Wilma Peterson

So, the Freaks might be wise to that undercover agent? That doesn't sound good for this Iron Hand fellow. I'll see if there's anything else I can do to help.

Go talk to Det. Jackson

Wilma Peterson

You should go talk to Det. Jackson. He's concerned about Iron Hand, that undercover agent he placed with the Freakshow. It sounds like the agent's in danger, and Det. Jackson could really use your help.

Thanks, Red Tomax. Please do anything Jackson asks of you.

Part 5: Talk to Det. Jackson
Delivery @ Independence Port
Rondel Jackson

Thanks for meeting with me. I haven't heard from Iron Hand all day, and he's not responding to his pager. His last known location was a Freakshow hideout. Please get over there and see if you can find any sign of him. If you learn anything, report back to me.

Part 6: Defeat base leader and his crew
Sewer Freakshow

These sewers have been blocked off by piles of debris. It looks like the Freaks don't want to be found.

Mission Complete: After questioning the Freakshow gangers, you learn that Iron Hand has moved out to Independence Port. He's with a group of Freaks who are hell-bent on some secret objective.

Part 7: Take info to Det. Jackson
Delivery @ Independence Port
Rondel Jackson

Iron Hand's with that group? Oh, man. Word on the street is that they're going to assault a Council base. I need you to head over there to get Iron hand to safety.

Part 8: Rescue Iron Hand
Council base Freakshow,Council

The sounds of battle ring out from the base. In this melee, it won't be easy to get Iron Hand out unscathed.

Mission Complete: You have defeated the Freakshow and apprehended Iron Hand.

Wilma Peterson

Det. Jackson wanted me to pass this on to you. He said that Iron hand was deep undercover for a while, but they never thought they'd lose him like that. It happens every once in a while, most frequently with the Freakshow. Their hedonistic lifestyle makes it easy for the to ferret out agents, and even easier for the agents to succumb to their self-indulgent ways. Jackson wanted to extend his thanks to you for your help, and your discretion.

Here, take Iron Hand's police badge. He won't be needing it, now that he's joined the Freakshow. And you should have a reminder of the price we all pay to make this city safe.

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