Sky Raider thefts in Terra Volta


Curtain the Sky Raider thefts in Terra Volta

Georgia Fields

The Sky Raiders have been conducting a lot of operations in Terra Volta. Security in that zone has had their minds full with the Freakshow and the Devouring Earth; they haven't been able to do anything about the Sky Raider attacks except catalog what' being stolen. I need you to curtail the Sky Raider thefts in Terra Volta. Can you do it?

There have been a lot of thefts around the Raysun Petroleum Refinery and the Coroman Manufacturing Complex.

Part 1: Combat Sky Raiders in Terra Volta (Defeat 20 Sky Raiders)
Defeat X @ Terra Volta Sky Raiders

Mission Complete: You have discouraged the Sky Raiders' thefts in Terra Volta.

Georgia Fields

Great job in Terra Volta, Red Tomax. I think you showed the Sky Raiders that Paragon City won't stand for their wanton thefts.

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