Save Paula DeSotto's lab from the Sky Raiders


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Save the lab from the Sky Raiders

Georgia Fields

I've gotten an urgent message from a contact of mine, Paula DeSotto. She works in a military laboratory that's been trying to get a trace on some of theSky Raider's stolen goods. They recently picked up a signal from some beacons placed on some high end military weaponry. But before she could call in here superiors, the Sky Raiders traced the signal back and attacked! I need you to get over there and save that lab from the Sky Raiders!

They've got a lot of important equipment in that lab, Red Tomax. If you cna't get the hostages out and protect their equipment, I'm afraid this mission will be a failure.

You need to save the scientists and their equipment. It's critical to the fight against the Sky Raiders.

Part 1: Stop Sky Raiders attack (3 people to save, Protcet the equipment)
Laboratory Sky Raiders

A scream echoes down the metal corridor.

Objective: You have saved the equipment from the Sky Raiders' determined attacks.

Mission Complete: You have saved the lab from the Sky Raiders.

Georgia Fields

I'm proud to be working with you, Red Tomax. Not only did you save a friend of mine, but you saved a valuable military effort as well. As long as we can keep tracking the Sky Raiders' stolen equipment, we can put a stop to their mercenary activities. I have no doubt you'll be of great use in that regard.

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