Lt. Eckersly's ill-gotten gains


Recover the stolen weapons

Georgia Fields

Last week the Sky Raiders hijacked a police transport carrying confiscated weapons. I just got a lead on the base where they're storing their ill-gotten gain. I need you to recover those weapons, Red Tomax. Be careful; this base is under the leadership of Lt. Eckersly. I hear he's a tough customer.

This could be a good chance to get infromation on the Sky Raiders and their operations.

Part 1: Stop Lt. Eckersly, his squad (Find the stolen weapons)
Office Sky Raiders

You know that Lt. Eckersly won't give up the weapons without a fight.

Objective: You have found the access code to the hideout's HQ.

Objective: You found a portable hard drive.

CluePortable hard drive

This small device contains information compiled by Lt. Eckersly on potential recruits. The potentials include several mercenaries, a few agents from other villain groups, and some military personnel.

Objective: You found the stolen weapons.

ClueStolen weapons

The serial numbers of these weapons identify them as the ones stolen from the Paragon City Police Deaprtment.

Objective: You have found some notes on the Sky Raiders' tactics

ClueSky Raiders' tactical plans

These concise plans for an upcoming operation detail a number of tactics the Sky Raiders plan to use. All these techniques are described with military precision.

Mission Complete: You defeated Lt. Eckersly and recovered the weapons.

Georgia Fields

I've heard that the Sky Raiders frequently hire themelves out as mercenaries; that's probably why they stole those weapons from the police. It's a good thing Red Tomax's around to put a crimp in their operations!

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