The Council's latest cypher


Hit the streets in Boomtown and find a sample of the code

Karen Parker

I've received word that the Council is pioneering a new Cipher in Boomtown. If you could recover a sample of that cipher, it would really help us get a bead on the Council's current plans. I need you to hit the streets in Boomtown and try to recover a sample of that code. Can you do it?

The Council often trains in Primer and the Cannonade. I recommend you get to work in those neighbourhoods.

Part 1: Interrogate Council in Boomtown (Defeat 15 Council)
Defeat X @ 'Boomtown' Council

Mission Complete: On one of the Council soldiers you found a sample of their new code.

ClueCouncil cipher

You took these order off a Council officer you defeated in Boomtown. It is written in the Council's latest cipher, and may just be the key to breaking it.

Karen Parker

Good work, Red Tomax! I'll get a cryptologist I know to work on this code right away.

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