Power substation strike


Arrest every Council soldier in the warehouse

Karen Parker

A group of Council agents led by Carl Anderson just made a huge strike against a power substation, and now they're on the run. I've received word that they're hiding out in a local warehouse. I need you to arrest every Council soldier in that warehouse. You'll have to do it before they change positions. You only have 1 hour to arrest the Council soldiers.

If Anderson makes his escape, this mission will be a failure.

Anderson is a member of the group that was recently consumed by the Council. He's been on Paragon City's most wanted list for a while. Be sure to come back with him in tow.

Part 1: Arrest all soldiers in warehouse - 1:00:00 (Locate escape plan, Don't let Carl Anderson escape)
Warehouse Council

A truck is parked at that loading dock. Looks like the Council is already planning their next move.

Objective: You found an escape plan designed for Carl Anderson!

ClueCouncil escape plan

Carl Anderson intended to use this escape plan to flee the country. It lists a number of Council safe houses.

Mission Complete: You arrested Carl Anderson and his entire unit.

Karen Parker

Glad to see I can trust you with response missions, Red Tomax. This escape plan you found is incredible! With this information, we should be able to prevent other Council villains from escaping justice!

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