Captured Students


Free the students from the Clockwork

Tom Bowden

The Clockwork have overrun a recycling drive, trapping several student volunteers from Paragon City University in the building. Their probably just attracted to the scrap metal, but things could get nasty if they stay trapped in there much longer. Get over to the location I have marked for you and free those students from the Clockwork.

Your only objective is to make sure that the students get out of there unharmed. The Clockwork are probably just looking for scrap metal, but that might not protect those students if the Clockwork start to think of them as threats to their scavenging.

I never thought I'd see the day when recycling could put your life in danger. You've got to get those people out of there.

Part 1: Free students from Clockwork (4 students remaining)
Abandoned Warehouse Clockwork

You hear the sound of about a half dozen voices over the drone of Clockwork gears. Most of them sound terrified.

Mission Complete: All of the students have been freed!

Tom Bowden

Apparently, those PCU students felt pretty inspired by the rescue, Red Tomax. I checked in with them and their families, and it looks like they've decided to continue helping the recycling drive, even after all that happened.

People sometimes ask how folks live in Paragon City. Events like this one today are the reason why people can live here, Red Tomax. Event like this, and people like you.

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