Abducted Officer


Find Officer Hudson

Tom Bowden

I just got a call from the police department; they've got a cop missing from his beat! I need you to find Officer Bill Hudson. We cannoy allow a decorated officer to be abducted.

Bring that officer back safe and sound, Red Tomax.

Part 1: Defeat kidnapper and his guards
Sewers The Lost

The Lost must not be allowed to take the law into their own hands.

Mission Complete: You rescued Officer Bill Hudson and defeated Chief Genghis.

ClueBill Hudson's Story

When you rescued Officer Hudson, he told you:

'All right, I'll admit it. The Lost bribed me to look the other way about a raid they were planning on a local munitions factory. I took their money, but I tipped off a hero anyway. When they found out I'd double-crossed them, they came after me.'

Tom Bowden

So, Officer Hudson took a bribe from the Lost, then double-crossed them. No wonder they went after him! Only one thing troubles me: Hudson said that the Lost wanted him to overlook their raid on a numitions factory. All we've ever seen from the Lost is random violence and chaos. Could it be that there is actually a method to their madness?

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