The Strong Man's Superadine stash


Confiscate the drugs

Wilson Zucco

I've got a good lead on an abandoned warehouse where the Skulls are storing their stash of Superadine. I need you to get in there and confiscate the drugs. That should put a serious crimp in the Skulls' distribution plans!

Watch out for the Skull they call the Strong Man. He's sent more than one hero to the hospital.

Part 1: Defeat Strong Man and his crew (5 drug stashes to confiscate)
Abandoned Warehouse Skulls

Time hasn't been kind to this old building, and the Skull's willful destruction has completed its ruin.

Mission Complete: You confiscated the Superadine and arrested the Strong Man.

ClueConfiscated Superadine

You confiscated this Superadine from a Skulls' base.

Wilson Zucco

Well, that's one load of Superadine that will never see the streets! Excellent work, Red Tomax.

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