The Lost Warehouse


Investigate the warehouse

Wilson Zucco

I need you to investigate a warehouse for me. Eyewitnesses say they've seen people walk in, stay for a couple of hours, then leave looking much bigger and stronger than when they entered. One of the witnesses said the warehouse is under the control of a homeless man called Smart Carl. I'd like you to track him down; he may well have some answers for us.

This could be the first step towards figuring out what is behind the strange behaviour of the homeless.

Part 1: Defeat Smart Carl and his helpers
Warehouse @ Kings Row The Lost

This warehouse should be busy, but the only people you've seen are the bedraggled members of the city's homeless population.

Mission Complete: You defeated Smart Carl.

Wilson Zucco

More of those Lost. Interesting. You say the leader wanted the rest of the homeless to undergo some kind of change? Red Tomax, I think we're on the trail of something big.

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