Peterson Waste Management


Investigate Peterson Waste Management and stop any skull plot you discover

Wilson Zucco

No one has been seen leaving the offices of Peterson Waste Management for the last few days. I've heard rumours of Skulls in the area, and I'm afraid they may have done something to those office workers. I need you to investigate Peterson Waste Management and stop any Skull plot you discover. You only have 75 minutes to stop the Skull plot.

I have a bad feeling about this. But I firmly believe you can handle it.

Part 1: Stop Skull leader and his crew - 1:15:00 (5 hostages to save, 5 bombs to disarm)
Office Skulls

A woman's scream is followed by the sound of a vicious slap.

Mission Complete: You rescued the hostages and dismantled the bombs.

ClueThe office worker's story

One of the office workers you rescued told you:

'They tried to force us to take superadine! And I heard one of them say that taking too much can turn you into one of the Trolls!'

Wilson Zucco

So the Skulls were trying to poison those people by forcing them to overdose on Superadine? It just doesn't make sense. There's no connection at all between the Skulls and Peterson Waste Management. Red Tomax, I really think the Skulls are small time players with big time backing. I'd bet my life they're doing the bidding of somebody else!

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